November 2014

Ethical Headaches: More on Service Dogs & ESA's

In the Comments of yesterday Clark brings up the Consequentialist argument -- if the circumstances are dire and breaking the law is the only way to remedy it, then the ends (the good outcome) justify the means (breaking the law). So if a poor, uninsured mother is desperate for the expensive medication that will save her sick child, is it permissible for her to break into the pharmacy and steal it? If killing one person will save five, is it permissible to kill the one?

Fake Service Dogs: More

When we consider whether ends justify means, or if some things are always wrong no matter the provocation we are exploring two lines of ethical thought. The Deontological position is that the correct or moral thing to do is follow the rules. On the other hand, Consequentialism is more interested in outcomes and therefore if the outcome is morally correct, then the means to achieving it are unimportant (or at least, less important).

Just Pictures

Zoey and her BFF/sister, Asia...

Gratitude Day

How wonderful that once each year we are reminded to be grateful! I believe Gratitude is a choice - something we can embrace or reject. There are troubles in everyone's life but these are always balanced by things that are going well. The choice we have is what to focus our attention on, and the result of that choice is how we feel. Why not make a choice that invites good feelings?

What Do You Think? Snow!

A friend sent me a link to a most excellent article -- I share it and invite your comments:

Secret Santa: Official Announcement & Rules

It is time once again for our holiday tradition -- Secret Santa! We welcome and invite all who want to join us in this fun, community-building activity. It works like this:

Monday Things

I was just looking up a pedigree on Berner-Garde and happened to see that the mother has a Grade 2 elbow. WTH?! Who breeds a dog with a Grade 2 elbow????!!!!


This is almost too much cuteness for one day but here we go -- Mika, Birthday Girl, and her boys...

Happy Birthday Glitterati

Six years old -- it doesn't even seem possible! We wish a very Happy Birthday to Cadi's only litter -- Ruben, Tara, Zaida, Murphy, Cooper, Mika, Rainey, and Sydney.

Birthday Weekend Begins

Barbz kicks off this birthday weekend in style...


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