December 2014

2014: That's a Wrap

After today we will have just one more Secret Santa report so that we can resume our regularly scheduled programming -- that one will be Almighty Heidi's SS gift.

The Weaving of Secret Santa

This is why we do Secret Santa!

News Flash

Congratulations to Teach Peaches for being the second Berner to earn the NW3 Elite!!! The first one did it yesterday at the same trial in Livermore, CA and is actually a relative -- Congratulations to Jean and Gremmie as well :) Here is Peaches with her ribbons -- she was first overall and it sounds like she and OR Terri did a fantastic job today...

More SS Fun & Some Announcements

Still having Secret Santa fun: "Secret Santa came all the way from California to Michigan to visit Coral VanBuren. A big thank you goes to Margaret (aka Peggy) Ford-Smith for The Dog Lover's book,a welcome friends plaque,a box of candy and some wonderful peanut butter dog biscuits along with a Bernese ornament. Potter says he can't wait to try out the biscuits."


Another lovely holiday photo -- Alison's T-Boys...

More SS; Start of the Hopes & Wishes Week

I hope that you had a Happy December 25, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Today -- December 26 -- starts the official period of setting Hopes and Wishes for the New Year! Deciding the destination is the first step in arriving there so let's all put our thinking caps on and start planning :) But first -- more Secret Santa reports.

Santa Delivers

Merry Christmas! Secret Santa has been busy -- let's start in CA with this fun picture from my cousin, Jennifer, of her dog sleeping on one of her Secret Santa gifts:

More from Secret Santa

As I reflect on the cleverness of Secret Santas, I am reminded of my own deficiencies in the gift-giving department. Dear Husband can attest to this fact -- when it comes to presents, I am woefully inadequate. I can never think of what to give someone and then I procrastinate and I hate shopping and so on -- you get the idea. I love Christmas but I really need a Personal Shopper.

Secret Santa & Holiday Spirit

All indications suggest that  Bethany is going to be following in Tiffany's parenting footsteps...

A Special Secret Santa Memorial Gift & New Family Member

We have the largest number of Secret Santas this year (over 40!) but not everyone apparently understood that sharing photos is part of the fun so this is a reminder to send Secret Santa photos :)


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