January 2015

Berner-Garde, Part 3 & NEWS

I am always looking for/at potential husbands for the girls, and this morning I decided to look through the Top Twenty Berners and assess their Berner-Garde records. Fascinating. Yay for Cute Lauren Weber who has a Top Twenty dog who actually has littermate data.

Family Fun

Thank you for your kind words about Zoey's award -- it really is true that joy shared is much enhanced :) This photo is also grand news...

Sparkle Pics & Blogworthy News

Just a few photos of Sparkle from yesterday -- she is in such great coat and it is fun to document how she is growing and changing...


I have discovered a new and improved grooming trick that I wanted to share: Coconut oil. Just a few drops in (very) warm water makes a great leave-on conditioner for the line combing I do -- just mix it well in a spray bottle and there you go! Too much doesn't work so well -- Zoey has some spikes at the moment from too much coconut oil. Hmmm -- coconut oil might work as hair gel!  Anyway, I mastered the right amount by the time I got to Sparkle -- works great if you don't use too much!


While we are enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures here in western Montana, New England is getting quite the snow event -- thanks to Alison for some photos. Here is Tristan (iPup) and Tumble checking out the snow...

Harper B Update

I wanted to give an update on Harper B for Better...

Sunday Stuff

We are home in Montana after a fun couple of days in Utah doing agility and visiting family. Winter agility suffers from not enough training due to weather but I was very pleased with both girls, and share links to their runs below.

Wedding & Results

Yesterday I was at a meeting at a hospital in Dillon, Montana when I started getting texts, starting with Perfect Sister. She asked if there were issues with Bethany and Galen as Facebook had indicated that Bethany canceled the wedding. Holy Yikes!

Connection and Good-bye

I got up to blog comments that were like small and precious gifts. Thank you for bringing Maize, Cadi and Halo back -- like a small flame that got to flicker again.

Maize, Halo, Cadi

I was cleaning up some videos on YouTube and it was bittersweet to see my girls again -- since many of you have relatives, I wanted to share...


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