February 2015

Adventures in Tracking & Fun News & Draft

One of the challenges of TDX training is that the tracks have to be aged for so long. With a TD track, you can lay it and then stand guard but that is really not practical with a TDX track. And that explains why I showed up to run Zoey's track -- and said some very unfortunate words about three Labradors and their two people.

Let the Countdown Begin

Entries are closed and the countdown begins. In 22 days Galen and Bethany get married -- and then Toby and I (and three dogs) start the Adventures of the Specialty Express, a 1,130 mile drive from Stevensville, Montana to Monterey, California that we need to complete in approximately 26 hours - or less. FUN!

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... It's...

It would not be a Specialty without some hair-raising pre-Specialty story, and I lived it yesterday. Well, it started on Tuesday when Peggy let me know that my entries for the Versatility Dog Showcase had not arrived. Uh Oh.

Sigh of Relief!

I was trying to figure how many Specialties Zoey has actually been able to do working events. Her first Specialty was 2009 and she was seven months old -- she got her TD and placed in all three puppy conformation classes that year. It has been downhill since then in terms of her Specialty participation :)

Various Things & Pics

Thank you to those who have sent recipes for Bethany's shower -- please see Sunday's post if this makes no sense. The shower is on March 7 so plenty of time to send recipes to me (sontag.bowman@gmail.com).

Bridal Shower, Blog Style

Yesterday I attended/photographed Bethany's first Bridal Shower -- the theme was Fifties' Housewives...

Happy Saturday & More News!

I got home from work yesterday and was tending dogs when I happened to spot an eagle in a tree. I grabbed the camera and hopped in the van to drive over for a closer look...

Specialty Stuff & Crazy Good News

I am so grateful for the comments and emails sharing my celebration about the Specialty Tracking Test draw -- it is wonderful to be part of a community that understands, and that shares joys as well as sorrows. I am also so thrilled that I get to run my three dogs in a test that is being put on (and attended) by supportive, kind people -- people I consider my friends/family. And in my home state, none-the-less -- who needs Lucky Socks?!

Specialty Tracking Test Draw Report

The draw was at 7 p.m. last night -- west coast time. I checked my email constantly until I finally fell asleep at about 8:40 pm MST, which is late for me. I tried gallantly to endure but that was the best I could do -- getting up at 4:30 a.m. does have some drawbacks.


Congratulations are in order *again* -- this time we send the happy thoughts to Cindy, whose puppy earned his first major at a CA show yesterday. He is not a Kaibab puppy but he is a Heintzberger and so we consider him part of the family :)  Congratulations Team Jonasz!


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