March 2015

The Perfect Day

Specialties make me feel out of balance -- as if I have exerted too much in one area of my life. That is the nature of a week-long dog show, and so I accept it as normal even as I feel unsettled about that sense of imbalance. Life's equilibrium will be restored but for now there is a disconcerting feeling of having been plucked out of Normal Life, dropped into a sea of dog-ness, and then removed and put back into Normal Life.


We made it! What a beautiful drive home it was -- the weather was perfect. This is Asia in Nevada...

The End

It is hard to convey the busy-ness of a Specialty. All good intentions to actually visit people evaporate with the challenges of tending dogs at a large hotel and competing in multiple events -- add volunteering to that mix and I just have to hope everyone I did not get to really visit with will forgive me. But the Specialty is a wrap -- in an hour Toby and I head for the airport in San Francisco where she will catch a plane to Pennsylvania and I will begin the long trek back to Montana.

Day Whatever It Is of the Specialty

We shifted gears today to the beauty pageant. First big news is that Purna (F Litter) was second Amateur Owner Handler -- WOO HOO! Great Job Team Purna :) And then Sparkle leaped her way around the ring in Bred-by and made the cut in a large class of lovely girls -- super! And her reward for the long week? Off to the Dog Beach :)

P.S. Stuff

The newsletter and work and dogs -- it is all keeping me busy but what a great week. I wanted to add some stuff...

Specialty Day Four

Cadi's Angel Day -- three years ago today she had to leave. Today I put on my Lucky Green Socks, the locket with her fur, and headed to obedience with Zoey wearing her Grandma Abra's collar -- this is what we got...

Specialty Day Three

Today was Rally -- thanks to Kay and Marti for the quick lessons in what some of the signs meant :)

Specialty Day 2

Today was Draft...

Specialty Day One

A quick report from the first day. Kidd (iPup) earned his NAP!!!!! Congratulations to Marti and Kidd :) Tracking went like this...

Married & Made It

The wedding was perfect...


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