April 2015

Scattering of Things

Sue sent this great photo of Milo (D Litter -- sitting up) and Chance...

Kaibab Community News

One of the most fun things about being a community is getting to be involved in the lives of other people's families, even if from a distance. The dogs connect us but it is the people that forge and maintain those connections.  We sure have some special and wonderful humans in our Kaibab Community (loosely defined, includes people with and without Kaibab dogs ;). One such family is the Graffunders in Little Town, Oregon (AKA Cove).

Another Birthday, Need Photo

Happy Birthday to Toby -- and where is our tiara photo?!

Brighton's Birthday

Brighton also celebrated being nine years old yesterday.

Happy Birthday D Litter & Ribbons (again) & Milo

Nine years old -- what a wonderful age for a Berner. I celebrate Milo, Elliott, Brighton, Marne, and Joy -- Happy Birthday wonderful, perfect friends. I hope it is filled with all your favorites.

WHEW! Friday.

Some D Litter Dog owners are having camera issues so I will continue to post as I get the photos -- tomorrow is their official birthday but today is Dear Husband's birthday! Happy Birthday to him! Dear Husband escaped to Utah for a couple of days, no doubt to avoid a tiara ;)

D Litter Birthday Week Continues

Thanks to Glenda for this excellent report about Birthday Boy, Elliott:

Smiles and Birthday Week

 Do you have stress dreams? I am an evaluator on a Request for Proposals (RFP) and I woke up dreaming the meeting was in ten minutes and I had done none of the reading/scoring. Yikes! All done now -- whew. My life is not just Life with Dogs (don't tell that to the dogs).

Training Thoughts

With the Specialty over, Zoey and I are working on the various utility exercises and I am reminded again of the importance of being creative, thorough, and flexible when training dogs (and in life!).

Juxtaposition & Super Duper Exciting & Amazing News Flash

I love that word: Juxtaposition. I think these photos illustrate it nicely -- the topic is Spring...


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