May 2015

Party Time!

Life with Dogs is about communication, expectations, and relationship -- that is really the definition of training. If we think about training as obedience, we have missed a very large boat ship. Training is learning to create an invitation to a party that is just too good to miss. It is about having your dog play the party games that you want to play, and that means making those games fun for the dog as well. Of course, one has to be realistic - I am thinking that no matter how much I love Pin the Tail on the Donkey, that might be a particular challenge for those lacking thumbs. FYI -- dogs do not have thumbs.

Pictures & The Bloat Conversation

Let's start with Asia and the bloat discussion (your thoughts & comments are most welcome -- hence the word *discussion* :)...


I was looking through photos, which is always a walk down Memory Lane. Here is Maize (A Litter) and Halo (B Litter) -- in this photo Maize is 11 and Halo is approaching nine...


Pixey Poodle has the fastest tongue in the west!

The Cake

Worth every calorie...

Happy Birthday -- To Me :)

Today is my birthday, and I decided some time ago to spend it doing fun things and eating cake from Mrs. Backer's Bakery. Dear Husband, always a good sport, agreed to stay home with some dogs so I could run off to Utah with two of them (thank you, Dear Husband!). So Zoey is doing agility and Sparkle is along for the experience.

Update to a Fun Story

As some of you know, Galen and Bethany's wedding included a fun story about Dear Daughter. It went like this:

Evidence of Humanity

In the event that there was any doubt that I am quite human (unlikely but just in case), I am here to make sure your doubts are allayed. It probably started with grading -- I should have known not to go to a kennel club meeting on the day my final grades were due...

Expectations & As I Expected

Did you know that deer play together like dogs? Chasing, nipping, and just general frolicking are happening outside among the resident deer -- super cute.

How & Why to Think Crazy for a Girl

I had some questions about why I am taking Harper B for Bum Leg all the way to Baltimore for treatment, and those are good and fair questions.The short answer is because she matters. The long answer is a bit longer.


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