June 2015

The End of an Era

Murphy, from the B Litter, was born with his nine littermates on October 20, 2002; he died peacefully on June 28, 2015.

Dear/Deer Pics

I wanted to share these fun photos of Ava from her birthday photo shoot...

The Price of # Ranked & News Flash

Blackfoot, Idaho. Big name handler with the flashy smile. Continue reading at your own risk.


Alison left yesterday but not quite as planned -- instead of a flight at 1ish to Minneapolis and then to Boston, she wound up on a flight seven hours later to Seattle and then a red eye to Boston. Yikes! But hopefully she is home and being happily greeted by her boys -- but what fun adventures we had in Montana!

A Perfect Birthday

After judging obedience for two days at the Missoula show, Alison was gracious enough to spend two mornings doing obedience lessons with local folks...

iBirthday (COMPLETE!)

The iPups are two years old -- Happy Birthday to each and every one of those very special dogs. I will add to today's blog as I receive photos but before we consider the iPups now, I invite you to remember their real birthday on June 25, 2013. THIS is a summary of the whelping written by Tiffany and THIS is my recap the next day plus all their newborn photos. And this is the wonderful Hello World photo of a brand new life -- can you guess which iPup this is?

It's a Wrap

Yesterday's show results: Nada. But fun! Alison did a great job judging for us and we had happy obedience peeps. Sparkle has almost stopped her leaps in the show ring -- yay for her. Syd looks great, the weather was wonderful and so on -- a very successful three day Missoula show. After the show, Galen came over and mowed lawns, and then he and Bethany made dinner for us!

Fun News

A rerun: Sparkle Reserve, Sydney Select :) But best news is that Kathy LaPine's Hannah is TWELVE! Happy Birthday Sweet Hannah!

Show News

Sparkle Reserve, Syd Select!

These are all Alison photos from today -- Sparkle getting groomed...

More Adventures

Yesterday we headed off bright and early to Great Falls, home of world famous Lisa K! The purpose was four-fold:


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