July 2015

Lessons from Birds & Auntie Emmy

I was walking through campus to a meeting when I observed some strange behavior on the part of four crows (or maybe ravens? I can't tell the difference :). There were clearly two pairs, and in each pair one of the birds was squawking and basically having a bird temper tantrum at the other one. I stopped to try and figure out what the heck was going on.

Draft Work A-Z

For the first time that I can remember -- thanks to the efforts of Christie Leone and others -- we are having a draft test in Montana! It will be held in September in conjunction with the four day all-breed/obedience show in Helena, which is only about 2.5 hours from us and therefore a local show. I am super excited about it and am getting various teams ready. The Open Brace Team of Asia and Zoey is working primarily on conditioning right now...

Good & Bad & Everything in the Middle

I judged the same Lake County 4-H show last year and most of the kids were the same. After I was done judging last year, I worked with some of them and tried to explain/show the idea that training should be fun for all involved. This year, one girl was so improved and so happy with her dog that she was the obvious choice for my award. Unfortunately, the fair is strict about extra awards and so I was allowed to only give it to her privately -- still so fun :)

Hopefully Unpunished

Apparently this is my Good Deeds Day! It started with the rescue of a mouse from the Jaws of Death Pete; the rescue involved a shriek, a mouse, a growling cat, and a yogurt container -- fancy. The cats only have a small, enclosed outside space so WHY must mice go in there?!!! And WHY must the cats bring their new friends snacks into the house?!

The Rehab Report

A real and true Rehab Report from Harper B for Bamboozled...

"Rehab?! I know I was taking some Rimadyl but I did not think it was *that* bad -- but you know what they say about denial...

Updates Galore

Harper B for Blase' is managing her confinement rather nicely, and it helps that she has things to chew and friends...

Bits & Pieces of Summer; More Good News

What a whirlwind of a summer it has been -- and it is not over. Sparkle still needs to get sibling pictures with Ava (Utah), and the California iPups: Tag, Kidd, and Nikko. Of course we have a plan...

Happy Birthday E for East Litter (UPDATED)

Today is the 8th birthday of Asia and her littermates: Jemie, Kjus, Levi, and Lucy; sadly, littermate Aspen died at age three and we remember her today as well. I will add photos as they are available but will start the birthday with this one of Kjus...

The Many Helpful Faces of Sparkle

Yesterday was Cousin Jumar's birthday -- six years young :)

Great News!

Toby got the official results from Sparkle's OFA x-rays: Good Hips and Normal Elbows. O.M.H. I am so relieved and thrilled and excited. Thanks to Toby for doing the films :)


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