August 2015


We have OFA results from the last two iPups. George has Normal Elbows and Good Hips. Nikko needs to have his hip films re-done but his elbows are Normal. We have 100% clear elbows in this litter! Hips are all clear so far -- paws crossed for Nikko to join that club :) Very successful litter in terms of orthopedics -- yippee!

Like Cats and Dogs

In the past couple of weeks I have had occasion to be involved and/or observe various levels of conflict, and I find it both scary and fascinating. In one case, I stood my ground -- and had the rug neatly pulled out from under me. In another case, I stood my ground and had an intelligent, fascinating discussion. Since conflict involves others, one never really knows if this particular one will involve a rug or a conversation!

Make Mine a Draft

My dog cart arrived when I lived in Wisconsin, and since that was when Galen started kindergarten and he is now in his second year of law school -- well, that cart has been around the block a few times (literally and figuratively). Every one of my berners has pulled that cart. Kathy LaPine's Hannah pulled the cart. I have photos of children -- now adults -- in that cart from when we lived in Utah. It feels like more than just a cart -- it is a placeholder of memories.

Show Dog Lives

Ten year old Kai was super excited to go to the Santa Barbara show on Sunday morning to watch his friend, Sparkle, before we headed back to our respective homes/lives.


Sparkle was Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite today - that sounds impressive but just a point :) We saw dog and human family and made it to Winnemucca, NV.

More of Friday Fun & Saturday's Fun

Last night we had a super fun dinner with Jennifer, Kathy, Karsten, Perfect Sister and her husband, and Dear Niece at this very California place -- it was excellent food and company. The patio is dog friendly so Karsten was able to join us -- what a sweetheart he is!


Our adventure so far -- left Montana on Wednesday morning. On Thursday morning we left Reno and did a quick stop at Lake Tahoe...

Another Adventure Awaits

Cooper (G Litter) is doing well these days -- yay and thanks to Jennifer for the pic!

Formal Search: Done

It is hard when you can't even find the body because you cannot help but to keep searching, even when the formal rescue mission is completed. Also, you just wonder what happened -- the not knowing is challenging.


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