September 2015

True Confessions of a Human

I do not go to dog shows without leaving changed in some way. Hard to explain but I always learn things at dog shows; usually what I learn are things about myself.

Just Three Girls

Happy Monday!

Accomplished Teams to Celebrate

Congratulations to Tina and her boys for a most excellent agility weekend (so far). This included Tag (iPup) earning his OAJ (Open Jumpers) title -- congratulations!

The Girls & Goals

It has been a while since I posted photos/updates of all five of our girls so that is today's post, starting with the Plus-size Model, Asia...

Friday Miscellaneous

Various things...

Harper B for Best Rehab Patient Ever

I worried that Harper B for Busy would go a bit stir crazy with 12 weeks of rehab, which includes zero off leash time and not very much fun. I think it is a reflection of her sweet, patient temperament that she has managed beautifully, adjusting kindly to spending most of her time in the kitchen/dining area with just humans and cats for company...

More of Draft

One of my Utah friends, Martine, came up to the Montana draft test -- she took some photos for me and they are wonderful.

Draft Photos & Thoughts

These wonderful photos were taken at the draft test by Ron Armstrong...

What Makes a Great Draft Test

The Inland Northwest Bernese Mountain Dog Club put on their very first Montana draft test on Saturday, September 19. Christie Leone, Kathy Deyo and Team Draft Test put on a flawless test, and that got me thinking about what constitutes a really exceptional draft test. I suspect I will keep thinking of things but here are some initial thoughts...

Sunday News & The Fancy Cart

Tristan moved up to Open Draft today and passed! Wowza! Congratulations to Team Tristan :) Sparkle was Winner's Bitch today for another point -- she now has eleven points with one major.


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