October 2015

Adventure Report

Greetings from Auburn, California. A combination of time change, not putting on my glasses, and hungry dogs conspired to get me up at 5:00 a.m. but it was 45 minutes before I realized that it actually had been 4:00 a.m. -- oops. I left Dear Daughter sleeping at the hotel and came to a Starbucks to do some work and so I feel productive, if a bit tired :)

Photos & Adventures

Another great photo from Randy Gaines - this time, Sydney...

When Caring is Being Honest

One of the dangers of black and white thinking is that it prevents us from living in the Real World, which is colored in various shades of gray. A person is not all good or all bad -- that would be an angel, I think, and would mean the person was actually dead. Hopefully, none of your friends and family are walking around while also dead. Therefore, everyone is both good and bad (or dead).

misHandling, misTreatment, and More, Please

I have a video of a handler -- misHandler, let's call her -- that I took in June at Blackfoot. I was apparently incognito at the berner ring -- sunglasses, a hat, no dog, and in agility clothes -- and so she wasn't careful.


We have our final H Moon Birthday update -- Auggie! This update was delayed a bit because Lois was in the Scottish Highlands to celebrate her birthday -- lucky her! All Outlander fans are now jealous :) Luckily, Lois was safe from the Standing Stones...

Show Time (AKA Business, Part Two)

There was some Facebook chatter about a Berner mistreated by a handler in Pleasanton last weekend. I wrote to someone and asked if the handler was, by chance, XXXX; the response was "BINGO" -- I guess I lined up the four letters in the right order!

Business, Part One

Students in my Ethics class frequently grapple with the notion of business -- and specifically, how to decide responsibility for business. I am not talking about the kind of business where people work and earn money -- I am talking about the intersection between individuals, the places where our character is on display through our choices and actions.

(A Dog's) Life in Montana

Yesterday I drove to the Blackfeet reservation to meet with students I am teaching via our online undergraduate program -- what a wonderful experience it was to see students in person, visit their home college (Blackfeet Community College), and meet with their on-site advisor. These are super students who work hard to balance school, work, and family -- very inspiring. I really do have an amazing job.

Draft, Draft, Draft, Draft

Yesterday Tristan passed Open Draft for the fourth time, and this time Alison used her Sacco Cart...

Fun Flashback & WeeSelf

Four years ago today...


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