December 2015

Palliative Care (aka All About Asia)

It is seventeen degrees outside and I am sitting here with a fan going -- and no, it is not because of hot flashes!

Asia Update

Asia's chest x-rays show multiple lesions in her lungs; a fungal infection has been ruled out. The Veterinary Resident is certain the lung lesions reflect metastasis from a primary (cancer) site elsewhere. Therefore, we went on a tumor hunt yesterday -- repeat abdominal ultrasound, and ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsies of liver, spleen, and lung.

Here We Go Again

Where are we going? Pullman, Washington.

The In-Between Week

It is that time when we close down one year, and prepare for a new one. Some are anxious to see 2015 end because it was a year of heartbreak or Harper B for Broken Knee...

Holiday Fun Continues

More Holiday Miscellaneous :)

Holiday Miscellaneous

We had a good amount of Secret Santa sharing on Facebook, but some have still sent photos to me -- thank you, and feel free to keep sending :) This is from Tina:

2016 Motto

Go after your heart's desire.

Christmas Eve

Uh Oh. Sparkle's fun game of bringing stuff isn't working so well with a Christmas tree...

Eve of the Eve

Secret Santa love continues, including false accusations of Secret Santa :) The real Secret Santa visited Arizona -- Kay shares, "Sue and I received our Secret Santa gifts and have sent a pic of Ruben presenting them. It's a wonderful combo of lotions, chocolate, tea and dog treats. Thanks go to Tony, Brody and Nikko for the Christmas treasures. We will all enjoy them."

Secret Santa!

Secret Santa is causing disturbances everywhere! You may recall that a fake Secret Santa surprised Andrea last week -- the real one surprised her this week...


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