January 2016

Tri-Everything: New Motto

Self-care is something I take seriously and here is evidence of that:

The Hard Bench: My Turn Again

To say that January has been overwhelming is an understatement. I have decided that 2016 actually starts on February 1 -- January was just an unfortunate 13th month from 2015.

The New Lucky

Check this out -- Syd can get into one of the dog recliners...

Team Syd

Yesterday I left work and came home to get Sydney and Lili, and then drove back to Missoula. Sydney had a laser treatment to support wound recovery, and then got to visit her favorite Galen and Bethany -- Sydney can still do this!

The Sydney Update

Dear Husband stayed up all night with Syd -- he took this picture from his recliner to document that Syd slept well and that she had friends...

Another New Normal Looms (updated)

When I write a blog, I always start with the content and then add the photos. Today I started with the photos because even though I have been thinking for a few days about what to say, I am still not sure I have the words. That opening is your warning that this is going to be a challenging post for some of you to read.

Camp Kaibab

The two Happy Campers here at Camp Kaibab have settled in just fine...

Excellent News

I want to congratulate Kay and Ruben (Glitteratti) -- they had a great draft test last weekend in Arizona...

Not Histio

Asia died from the cancer that was all but ruled out -- she had hemangiosarcoma.


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