February 2016

Harper B for...


Hindsight, Hind Leg

Someone asked on Facebook about Sydney, "would you do it again?" This is the answer.

Morning in Montana

Early morning so the light was not perfect but still fun pictures, starting with Zoey and Harper B for Be the Winner Always -- she never, ever lets go first...

Grief Observed (with apologies to C.S. Lewis)

When Dear Husband and I were driving home from delivering Asia's body to the veterinary office where tissue samples would be collected (and where she would be cremated), I shared that something I think makes the death of a dog so difficult is that the grief is so lonely. Grief is often usually lonely -- but as I tried to explain to Dear Husband, there is something so intensely lonely about grief following the death of a dog you love so much.

Great News & An Adventure

Great news!!! Marti is now well enough to have all her four-legged gang back, and so on Friday I met her in Utah. Here is Kidd on the way down enjoying at least two things he is unlikely to see again for a while -- can you tell what they are???


Yesterday I shared that co-owned Holden was allowed to sire a litter. This is a big deal. At this time, I do not place dogs to be bred by other people and so I retain the breeding rights to my intact dogs. I would never force anyone to breed a dog for me -- but neither will I be forced to allow a breeding that I do not think would be suitable.

An Annual Event & an Extremely and Highly Unusual Event

This is a story that turns on itself so make sure you read the whole thing!

Top Dogs

iPup Tag.doc is the BMDCA's Top Novice JWW Dog for 2015...

Another Adventure

Sydney begins chemotherapy today for osteosarcoma, and so begins yet another new adventure.

A Box of Chocolates & Stay

With the melting of the glacier, outdoor training has resumed. And with the resumption of training, thinking about training has also resumed. That is a lot of resuming but I am very happy about it all!


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