April 2016

Montana to Michigan

2:30 on Wednesday afternoon -- we (me, Zoey, Sparkle) left the parking lot at the University of Montana. By Thursday night we were in Michigan -- about 1800 miles! I gave a talk about kids and grief at a hospice program in Michigan earlier today...

Amazingness All Around

Marnie lives in Colorado, and she is also a newly minted ten year old from the D Litter...

oh JOY! Ten Years

Today we celebrate the tenth birthday of Joy from the D Litter...

Happy TENTH Birthday D Litter

Double Digits is pretty darn special! Here is another D Litter birthday report -- from Carol in Iowa:

Weekend News

Good day in Lewiston for the Montana crew. Our favorite Rottie boy, Himself, finished his Championship today -- owner-handled all the way! Congratulations to Ellen and her best boy :)

Quick Pic & A Serious Yikes Moment

The rest of the D Litter peeps must be waiting until the official party to send photos/updates (hint!) but in the meantime, here is Maya (F Litter) with her brace partner at a recent draft test -- Maya is the one who looks just like her older sister, Asia!

D Litter Updates: Elliott

The Kaibab D Litter will be ten years old on April 25. As we know, Milo died just a few days ago and two other littermates also did not make it to ten -- we remember, with much love,  Gracie and Fiona. Four of the D Litter dogs will celebrate being ten  -- plus Milo being oh-so-close. This is very good longevity in a litter of Bernese Mountain Dogs -- but no matter how long we have them, it is never enough. Therefore, we will want to read similar updates for all four next year! Let's begin with this Elliott Update from Glenda and Greg of Bend, Oregon...


Carol noted that it has been a while since Harper B for Been Absent has been seen on the Blog -- we had to fix that immediately!

Milo Has Left

Sue let me know on Sunday that the time had come to bid farewell to Milo (D Litter). As you may recall, Milo had all symptoms of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and was "at-risk" on testing; he simply could not keep going in his paralyzing body.

Sunday Photos

Sparkle and Zoey...


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