May 2016

Lessons from a Dog and Four Children

Yesterday I took Sydney for a walk at the Wildlife Refuge that is just minutes from our house ( There is a wonderful paved path to the river that is designed to be accessible, and while Sydney doesn't consider herself disabled, it seems necessary for one of us to be mindful that getting around on three legs is not quite as easy as four. And so off we went...

Post-Specialty Thoughts/Invitation

Some of us watched the live feed of Best of Breed on a big screen in the grooming area -- people kept going by and noting that we had the best seats in the house. Indeed! But not just for the great look at each beautiful dog that the camera allowed, but we also got to see the behavior of the handlers as they came back in -- that part of the show was highly entertaining -- and illuminating.

Daisy & Some of her Family

I managed to puppy-nap Daisy Rey yesterday and kept her overnight so that Galen/Bethany could have a break, and Daisy could learn to bark spend some time with other dogs.

Daisy & Her Grandma(s)

Yesterday was Daisy's first tracking lesson. We did two short (10 or so feet) tracks with food drops placed every 6 - 8 inches, and metal tins with nice treats inside for the ends.

Random Bad Stuff & Magical Thinking

It seems pretty normal to look around for a cause when bad things happen, and sometimes there is a cause for the bad thing. If your animals keep getting run over by cars, for example -- build a fence, shut the gate, and/or keep them in the house. Duh on that one.

Fun Photos

Sparkle and I had a nice weekend visiting Dear Daughter in Logan, Utah. Sparkle enjoyed playing with her small fry family member, Pumpkin...

Blue Ribbon Day

Because we have not driven enough lately, Sparkle and I headed to Utah to visit Dear Daughter and have fun at a show. Today went well...


I have been interested to see whether I think Daisy has the family drive/brains/working ability. Since she is sired by Holden from our H Moon Litter (a linebreeding on Abra/Borah), and Daisy's mom is a grand-niece of Abra, and Cadi's dad (Marshall) is also on both sides of this pedigree, I expected that these puppies would be excellent working dogs -- but they were raised in a different environment, and the impact of environment is always a hotly debated subject, isn't it?

Daisy Has Some Adventures

Daisy is settling well into her new life with Galen and Bethany, and teaching them important lessons that will help when their human baby arrives in November. For example, I received this text from Galen on Monday afternoon: "She is sleeping now after lunch and playing for a bit" and then "I also haven't showered. We have no [human] food. And I'm exhausted...and its been less than 24 hours."


It was 12+ long hours from Ft. Collins to Missoula yesterday, but Daisy Rey's happy new parents were waiting up for her -- we arrived at 2:30 a.m.!!!


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