June 2016

iPup #7 -- Whew! Another Girl

With the iBoys ahead five to one, the iGirls tried to catch up with the arrival of #7 -- we called her Pixie...

iPup #6 Sparkles

As Tiffany noted in yesterday's comments, it was getting a bit tense after five boys in a row. It got even more tense when puppy #6 was stuck and would not proceed -- we could feel the little toes but there was no progress for nearly an hour. The WhelpWise person said, "on the next contraction, just yank it out because it's a goner anyway." I am not even kidding. That was when we stopped talking to the WhelpWise folks, and Nurse (for real) Tiffany and I made our own game plan for delivering puppies.

#5: Yet Another iBoy

The fifth iPup was Pip, aka Mr. Congeniality...

#4: Nikko J

Every iPup had a litter name that is a type of apple -- who knew there were so many kinds of apples?! The Green Kids helped with the naming and Barbz was the first to correctly guess the litter theme (i.e. apple) as the puppies were born and the names were announced. Both Kidd and Jackson are names of apples but are also the names of small towns in Montana, which is kind of cool. Today we catch up on the puppy formerly known as Jackson -- now Nikko -- who lives a wonderful, happy life in California with his two dads, Brody and Tony.

#3: Kidd

iPup #3 is Kidd -- he started as Kidd and stayed that way...

iPup Birthday Celebration Continues: #2

Thanks for the emails letting me know you are enjoying this iPup birthday week. :) The second iPup to arrive was a boy we collared in blue and named Duke after Alexis Smith's beloved university -- here he is with Riley Green Puppy Queen...

iPup #1: Tag.doc

The first iPup to arrive was a boy -- we named him after Dr. Patrick Green...


Three years ago we were anxiously waiting for the iPups to arrive. Over the next eight days, we will catch up on every one of the iPups but I wanted to start the celebratory week with a litter recap. Parents are Zoey -- shown here very pregnant...


There are many ways to give a dog an interesting and fun life -- it doesn't have to be all about shows. But this weekend it was, and the iPups (Fil x Zoey) teamed up for some pretty impressive results.


Grand Champion Sparkle!

Later: They had the Owner-Handled Series again today - Sparkle won the Owner-Handled Working Group again! The ribbon is amazing and she also won $100!


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