July 2016

Friends & News!

Happy Sunday!

Dog Peep Adolescence

There is something about adolescence that provides many with the peculiar perception they know everything about everything. For most of us, the combination of experience and time/maturity reduces that ego into something -- or someone -- who can actually learn, and in that learning one quickly realizes how little we really know.

Did you know it is possible to be a Dog Peep Adolescent?

General Misc.

It has been a wild ride so far this summer, and there is still over a month to go. The trips to Las Vegas make it hard to get in a routine. We have done three trips and have one more to go. Although they are tough, Sydney is worth every mile.

Morning Smile

You are welcome :)

Fun & Family

Erin sent me this sweet photo of Levi (E Litter) and her mom...


Greetings from Starbucks in Twin Falls, Idaho -- Sydney and I added a quick trip through California on our way home in order to pick up a crib/hug Cindy and family, and visit with dad/sisters/brother/nephews/etc. In spite of no time to update the blog, I did not forget that we still need to wish Lucy a very Happy Ninth birthday.

East Litter Happy Birthday

This explains the late update today.

A Big Birthday!

The East Litter was born on July 22, 2007. There were six in the litter and three are celebrating their ninth birthday tomorrow. We start the celebration today with Jemie. Sharon shares...

Decisions, Decisions

First up -- Congratulations to Team Tristan who earned a major over the weekend. Tristan went Best of Breed over Specials for a four point major, and now has both required majors towards his championship -- very cool.


You would think Barbz had been giving lessons...


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