November 2016

Data Day & Secret Santa Reminder

As you can see from the chart below, Sparkle is not growing at the same rate as Zoey did and that explains why I have been so obsessed with measuring her (and worrying...). 

The Girls

Saturday Morning in western Montana -- Zoey...

Gratitude Day

A message from our home to yours...

The Celebration Continues...

I am so thrilled we are happily celebrating the eighth birthday of seven of the Glitterati, while acknowledging and remembering the one who left much too young.

Let the Celebration Begin...

We have another birthday to celebrate! The Glitterati are now eight years old. While I wish I could say that all eight made it to eight (RIP Sweet Murphy), it is a wonderful thing to celebrate the seven who are here to enjoy this special birthday.

Sunday Snooze & a Grandma

Berkeley at 26 days...


Harper B: What is that?

Sparkle: I have a modeling gig.

Data = Plural

I love data! That explains this chart:

Fun in Photos



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