December 2016

Home Alone (Me [kinda], Not the Sparklers!)

Dear Husband left two days ago for the traditional Bowl Gamepalooza in Utah; that involves sitting around watching college football bowl games while eating crappy food and yelling instructions and insults at the television with like-minded Bowl-mans. 

Re-adjust that Thinking Cap & Ten Days @ 6:30 pm

Holy Fire Storm! My comments about ENS/bio-sensor being unsupported by evidence caused quite the interesting dust-up on Facebook yesterday. I am reminded people get very attached to their ideas, and I am further reminded of the need for all of us to regularly consider the impact of cognitive biases on our thinking and decision-making (see, for example:

Brainiacs (and lack thereof)

Early neurologic stimulation (ENS) and the related "Bio-sensor" are two things you see breeders offering as beneficial components of their puppy rearing. This morning I spent some time reading about ENS and biosensor  - and not as in just reading anecdotal crapola, of which there is LOTS, but reviewing what research has to say about it as it relates to puppies, and evaluating the evidence presented. Bottom line: Holy Lack of Critical Thinking Skills.

Day 7.5 - 8

The puppies can be comfortable in the most interesting positions and places...

At 6:30 pm: One Week Old

Dear Husband successfully managed another night with the Sparklers -- what a gift it is to be able to sleep knowing the puppies are safe under his watchful eye.

Day Six

The puppies seem to grow overnight, which is not surprising since they *do* grow overnight! They are bigger and stronger, able to maneuver around Sparkle and jostle for the best seat at the milk bar. They vocalize, including small growls and beginner barks when sleeping. But the vast majority of their time is spent sleeping and eating, as is expected with puppies at this age.

Christmas & Day Five

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah! 

Life at Three Days

Another successful night for Team Sparklers, defined as all involved are healthy and happy -- and well-fed. The Sparklers are well-fed thanks to Sparkle, Sparkle is well-fed thanks to Dear Husband, and Dear Husband is extremely well-fed thanks to Lori and George, who sent an especially well-timed box of amazing goodies -- THANK YOU!

Weighty Matters, Puppy Pool Winner, etc.

Cousin Linda asked about weighing puppies. A healthy puppy's weight trends up quickly and easily, and therefore is an important and easily tracked indicator of puppy well-being. We weigh puppies twice daily until they no longer fit in the scale...


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