January 2017

Careening & Six Week Photos

Having a litter is a whole lot of sharing, and it is not always comfortable. Think about it -- by placing puppies, I am sharing the outcomes of a long series of often challenging decisions. It isn't just me who lives with the consequences of my choices -- it will be eight other families, for better or worse. 

Cautious Optimism

The Night Shift (aka Dear Husband) reported one episode of puking puppy overnight and so we are feeling cautiously optimistic that Puke-a-Palooza is really and truly winding down. The Puke-Fest really put a damper on the Intro to Solid Foods course that we started, and so the puppies just had Official Non-Nursed Meal #2 this morning. I am watching them closely for any signs of rejection but so far, so good...

When Good Intentions Go Bad in Your Tummy

Puke-a-Palooza: An event featuring a herd of small puppies randomly and persistently puking the contents of their amazingly large tummies on a variety of surfaces, including siblings. Welcome to the glamorous and enviable Life with Puppies.

Full Speed Ahead: Socializing Continues at Puppy Central

These morning photos show how everyone's eyes are darkening up nicely -- this is Chrome...


Every day the puppies play harder and for longer periods of time -- the weekend visitors are going to be very entertained by the Sparklers, I suspect.

The Taco Truck Gets Reinforcements

The puppies are getting ready for their Big Day -- introduction to food other than milk from Sparkle...

Balance -- An Act

The puppies are not the only one who are doing a balancing act...

Five Weeks @ 6:30 p.m. WOW

Here we go again, but with a bit more sleep thanks to Dear Husband who stayed up all night to tend Sparkle/Sparklers so I could sleep. Wasn't that nice of him? Morning play in the bedroom for a bit...

Channeling & Cycles

The Montana Puppy Choir has not been singing the wake-up songs lately -- it is their Choir Master (aka Sparkle) who is ensuring I am up before 4:30. That would be okay if I could go to sleep early at night but the reality of Life with Puppies is absolute overload, and my brain has decided that bedtime is the perfect time to solve all of life's problems, remember every undone thing, plan every minute of the next week month year ten years, and worry about every possible catastrophe.

Sunday Plans: Eat, Sleep, Play, Visit

Grandma Zoey visited the Sparklers again this morning...


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