March 2017

Fast Friday

Today is the seventh birthday of the iPups' father, Fil. I swiped this birthday photo from Facebook...

Needed: Rogaine for Dogs

After a litter, the puppies are not the only thing that departs -- so does coat. With just a few weeks until the Specialty, Sparkle is sporting a rather bald look...

Snippet of Info & Cute Babies

This is the abstract from a dissertation study, and I think it is worth reading -- and then check your dog food ingredients if you feed kibble. And no raised bowls -- but that has been known as a bloat risk for some time now:

Show Report & Puppy Exercise Chart

Our first show in many, many months -- Zoey got utility leg #2...


We took Claire on her first hike today -- only about 1/2 mile since she is a baby. We went to the Wildlife Refuge that is just a few miles from the house.

Endings and Beginnings (Updated with All Nine!)

The shifting back to "normal" life following the loss of one of our own does not disrespect the one who left or those who are heartbroken. What matters is to create space in our minds and hearts for the one who is gone and for the grief left in the wake of the leaving while also honoring and experiencing the gift of life. It is no tribute to someone we love to allow their loss to cause our emotional and/or spiritual death. Life ends -- but it also begins, and continues. Please don't leave before you are physically required to do so. 

RIP Rainey

I am so sad to report that after a brief illness, Rainey (Glitterati) has left. 

The Way Home

It is a long and beautiful drive from Davis, CA to Montana...

Saturday Update Updated

Although we imagined Sydney was full of cancer (who wouldn't?!), it turned out to be COLITIS! She is still at the vet receiving fluids and meds but will go home today. What a relief.

Meanwhile in Utah -- Rainey enjoyed a visit with Berkeley yesterday...


My dad basically had his heart rebuilt and he is doing so well! Wow. What an inspiration. He remains in intensive care but is up and eating and joking -- such a relief.

On the other hand, Sydney is having some trouble at home -- think good thoughts for her and for Dear Husband. And her littermate, Rainey, is also sick -- he and his family need our good thoughts and prayers as well. 



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