May 2017


Five months is such a wonderfully geeky happy age! Here is extra adorable Abbie...

Sparklers at Five Months, con't

Today we have Jordan, who was in a puppy show yesterday and took home her first (of many) ribbon!


Ruthie at five months -- could she be any cuter?!


I am in Great Falls where I am attending the Montana Board of Regents meeting in my role as Chair of the University of Montana's Faculty Senate. Do you ever wonder who people really are inside of their business suits? I do. And the people I like best are the ones who are so clearly the same regardless of what they are wearing.

Birds of a Feather

It is that time of year again!

Zimmer @ Five Months

His eyes and freckles remind me so much of Halo -- Zimmer...

Kiri Meets a Bear

Happy Monday!

This is a fun series of photos that captures Kiri's (Sparklers) reaction when the Jaskiewiczs put out their carved bear for the season...

Five Months

Five months old...

Zoey & Graduation



Blog posts sometimes get discussed on Facebook and so some of you miss parts of the conversation. On one Facebook conversation, Carol noted the importance of avoiding a "Holier Than Thou" attitude. I could not agree more. 


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