July 2017

When You Just Can't Take No for an Answer

I hope this post makes sense. It has been rattling around in my head for a bit as I have tried to sort out the thoughts and feelings and relevance. As I considered it, I was reminded of an evening on the deck of a Berkeley apartment when I said "no" more than once but was pressured and cajoled away from my position with really unfortunate results.

Summer Fun -- and Naps

As Erin recently shared, Levi (E for East Litter, age ten) had an episode of sore hips and so Erin bought him a fancy new bed to hopefully help. Here is how that went...


Alison sent along these wonderful photos of seven-month-old Kiri (Sparkler)...


Yesterday the puppies had a playdate with two new friends...


I am not sure why but this year I have really noticed how people enjoy their summer. Maybe it is living in Montana where people come to vacation, or maybe it is seeing all the bike riders on our local (amazing!) bike path as they live a dream and cycle across the US, or maybe it is all the people enjoying the lakes and rivers. Whatever it is -- I am really struck by the reality that summer is like the year's recess period, and people are definitely enjoying themselves.

Claire and a Lake

Almighty Heidi, Queen of Everything, suggested we try Lake Como -- and so we did. It is just about 45 minutes from our house and really lovely. We skipped the crowded swimming beach and found a more private spot - this is Sparkle checking things out...

Sunday Morning in Montana

Sparkle is finding it very hard to maintain a tidy house with the miscreants around...

Happy TENTH Birthday! (UPDATED)

Today is a very special birthday! The E for East Litter is TEN. There were six in that litter and three are celebrating their birthday on earth today.

Life, Suffering, and So On.

It is so strange to have a berner who doesn't want to eat -- so foreign to me. But Zoey had the particularly nasty chemo drug (doxorubicin) on Wednesday and even with the miracle drug Cerenia on board, food is not her favorite thing. 

Sparklers @ Seven Months (COMPLETED)

Our Baby Sparklers are not so little anymore - today they are all seven months old and we celebrate with some photos, starting with Ruthie in New York...


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