August 2017

Calling in Little Soldiers for a Mission

Lori's mom fell and broke a hip -- YIKES. Sparkle has a message for her:

Smoke from a Not-so Distant Fire

I feel like today is the official end of summer. Although classes start Thursday, I am heading to a retreat today and have meetings and events galore this week -- good-bye, summer. 

The Kaibab Girls

Taking photos of the current Kaibab Girls always reminds me of the ones who are missing. Like any family, our dog family is not a constant but rather is always changing as lives are lived and loved ones leave. One important thing that Life with Dogs teaches is about how live joyfully under the sometimes oppressive shadows of loss and grief.

Home with the Girls

Claire LOVES microwave training sessions! In addition to learning how to bring a toy, hold the toy, and hold the toy while sitting (all separate pieces) she has figured out a down stay in about four minutes of total training time. The puppy is a genius and I love these short training sessions.


Spot and Dot are back!

Total Eclipse Thoughts

You have to know that only something like a total eclipse would get me back on Trail Creek Road, the place in Idaho where Google Maps tried to send me, four dogs, and the RV over a cliff in June. But there I was -- Trail Creek Road, again.

No Shouldn't Need an Exclamation Mark.

Harper B recently had occasion to learn about the very unfortunate propensity of others to not take NO for an answer. And who knew that even in dogs, people have the very mistaken idea that females are responsible for male behavior. It went down like this...


At almost eight months old, Claire is the size of an adult Berner -- at least in terms of height. She will fill out and get a bit taller, but already she is hard to tell apart from her mom and grandma when you look quickly.

In Which Misfortune is a Consequence of Cheating

I do not take pleasure in the misfortune of other people. I do, however, have a strong sense of fairness and justice -- and I despise cheating. 


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