August 2017


At almost eight months old, Claire is the size of an adult Berner -- at least in terms of height. She will fill out and get a bit taller, but already she is hard to tell apart from her mom and grandma when you look quickly.

In Which Misfortune is a Consequence of Cheating

I do not take pleasure in the misfortune of other people. I do, however, have a strong sense of fairness and justice -- and I despise cheating. 

Cover Girls (and boys) & Tracking & ...

Our very own Junior Heintzbergers are featured on a magazine cover!

Just a Pic


A Secret Revealed

Everywhere she goes, seven-months-old Claire gets compliments comments on her curls. Indeed, they are impressive...


Barb took this wonderful photo of 8.5+ years Zaida (Glitterati) recently -- isn't she grand?

Summer Photos

Recently Ruthie was in her first conformation match -- she took third of eight, and most important -- she had fun!

Party Planning

In an obedience ring -- or an agility ring or a draft ring or etc.  -- a dog cannot be forced to do anything. I wish people understood that. It is an illusion to think you can "make" a dog do something.

Agility Fun & Friends

Summer agility trials can be HOT but an air conditioned RV makes all the difference! Although the trial was just 20 minutes away, Lucky came along to keep us cool and comfortable. Of course we set up our compound again -- here is Aysha with friends...

Micro(wave) Training

The microwave goes on and the tiny training sessions start -- it is amazing how much can be accomplished in 60 seconds! An example...


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