September 2017

Spice of Life (and protection)

I love to ride my bikes (one at a time, of course - I have two). Our valley has an amazing paved bike path and we are so close that we can ride to the path from our house in about four minutes. There are also many side roads, paved and unpaved, and so really -- we live in a perfect place for cycling (well, except that whole snow/winter/ice thing). And who knew!? Cycling informs Life, with Dogs.

Zoey and Claire

Seeing age in my dog is bittersweet. 

Various Things and a Calendar Prompt

Zoey can see again and her platelets are normal; her veterinarian recommends ending chemotherapy because we caught the disease so early, she appears firmly in remission, and we want to avoid future chemo side effects. Yippee! So that is our happy news :)

Sparkler Update: Ruthie

I am delighted to share this fun update about Ruthie: "Miss Ruthie, it seems, will retain her nickname of Lil' Bitty - she is 23 inches and 61 lbs. Such a charming little pixie, just the right mix of wickedly smart, sweet, cuddly, comical and naughty.

A Wrap

Home -- what a whirlwind! Fun for sure -- and productive.

Quick Update from Helena

Four more points for Sparkle -- she now needs four points to earn the Bronze Grand Championship. 


Yesterday Sparkle was Best of Opposite for five more points; Claire was Reserve to a major! Pretty cool.

Quick Update

A quick update as today starts the Helena shows and I am running over there soon (and then coming back for work and then going back to Helena -- repeat x2).

Fun with Friends & Who Turned Out the Lights?!

Our Dear Friend Joan of Rainey (Glitterati) and Bella (B Litter) fame decided she was ready to welcome a new family member. I think that is such a testament to LOVE -- that a dog brought so much joy as to make the broken heart just one piece of the story, and not The End.

The Quiet Whispering of Vindication & Related Show News

From the show in Utah over the weekend - photos by Elizabethanne and commentary/opinions/thoughts by me...


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