September 2017

Sparkler Update: Ruthie

I am delighted to share this fun update about Ruthie: "Miss Ruthie, it seems, will retain her nickname of Lil' Bitty - she is 23 inches and 61 lbs. Such a charming little pixie, just the right mix of wickedly smart, sweet, cuddly, comical and naughty.

A Wrap

Home -- what a whirlwind! Fun for sure -- and productive.

Quick Update from Helena

Four more points for Sparkle -- she now needs four points to earn the Bronze Grand Championship. 


Yesterday Sparkle was Best of Opposite for five more points; Claire was Reserve to a major! Pretty cool.

Quick Update

A quick update as today starts the Helena shows and I am running over there soon (and then coming back for work and then going back to Helena -- repeat x2).

Fun with Friends & Who Turned Out the Lights?!

Our Dear Friend Joan of Rainey (Glitterati) and Bella (B Litter) fame decided she was ready to welcome a new family member. I think that is such a testament to LOVE -- that a dog brought so much joy as to make the broken heart just one piece of the story, and not The End.

The Quiet Whispering of Vindication & Related Show News

From the show in Utah over the weekend - photos by Elizabethanne and commentary/opinions/thoughts by me...

A Quick Weekend Report

I went to Utah and forgot the camera! UGH! But I did have my phone so here is the quick report...

Sparkler Updates: Tika and Kiri

Good Morning from Butte, Montana where I have spent the past two nights for the Board of Regents meeting. What is the Board of Regents? It is basically the school board for a university system, and I attend these meetings as Chair of the University of Montana's Faculty Senate. So here I am.

Sparkler Update: Abbie

Thank you for the emails letting me know you are enjoying the Sparkler updates :) It is fun to see how a litter grows and changes, isn't it? Today we catch up with Abbie -- Ashlee shares this update:


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