October 2017

BOO! (Revised)

Happy Halloween from Zimmer (Sparkler) and Ava (iPup)...


iPups George and Tristan were both entered in a draft test. Lori reports defective Lucky Socks caused a minor unlucky issue but George is definitely closing in on that first draft title...

Sparklers and Lily Pads

Carol asked about Ze.D...

The Difference in a Week

A week ago I drove to the vet with a blind, sick dog, overwhelmed with anxiety, sorrow, fear -- and flooded with those familiar thoughts of, "I can't do this" and "I can't stand to see her like this." I am pretty convinced panic is a cause of death for too many dogs.


Play day -- this is Jordan (Sparkler)...

Babies, Buddies, Barking, Birthdays

Berkeley at one -- photo by Bethany...

Object Lesson

Yesterday was an object lesson in things I wrote about in the morning's blog.

Deconstruction of a Sort

The intention of this post is to amplify some of the lessons from the last week or so. First, I want to assure you that Zoey is really and truly bouncing. She is choosing to eat some, wagging her tail, seeking attention from other members of the family, including Harper B for Bestie...

News Flash

For the first time in five days, Zoey willingly ate!! Just four bites but it is a start :)

And the Puppies Played On.

Last night I had a dream that Zoey ate some pizza crust. I tried first thing this morning -- unfortunately, it was just a dream. Such is the current workings of my unconscious mind -- and Zoey's appetite (or lack thereof).


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