February 2018

Pivots and Meaning Making

I wrote/posted this on Facebook and share with you as well. 

Odds and Ends

We have started to track Sparkle's progesterone level -- as of yesterday she was 0.5, which is awesome because it means we are on target for breeding next weekend.

More Sparklers & and a Riot

Thank you to Kay for sending this photo of Lucas...

Loved Dogs

Happy Valentine's Day! I swiped this from Barbz because we all know who does the best holiday photos -- it is our very own Zaida (Glitterati) looking loved at 9+ years...

Quick Update

I do believe that Sparkle is...

Our Village Has a Star

One of the best thing about community is the opportunity to share joy and pride in the accomplishments of each other. Here is our Alex when he picked up Mesa...

Playing Games

Just a couple of progress updates, starting with the continued darkening of Zoey's previously snow white muzzle...

Here's Your Sign

I was walking Sparkle in our usual spot, which is down our dirt road. The rain and melting snow has filled the ditches along the road, and Claire especially LOVES to race through those ditches, getting completely muddy and soaked. 

In Which I Get the Final Word (maybe)

I am trying to figure out what it means when people think everything is about them.

By Way of Explanation

Normally by this time of year I am on serious countdown for the Specialty, which has traditionally been my most favorite week of the year. Not this year. Big change, right?

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