Our F Litter is nine years old today -- Happy Birthday to each and every one of them. Let's get right to the updates, starting with Miss Maddie:

We're fine at nine!  Maddie continues to live Life to the fullest, and continues to have the entire household wrapped around her furry paw.  There have been a few lifestyle changes-she's made it clear that she has no further interest in competing in AKC obedience, although she's always on her best behavior and eager for bistro society.  She still revels in her daily hikes and has taken up a new sport-NoseWorks.   (Here she's leaving no doubt that the hide is behind the gas access door, never mind about the paint job.) 

And Maddie, true to her working heritage, still fetches the morning paper as she has since she was fifteen weeks old. 

We look forward to every day with this lively, spirited, oh-so-intelligent, beautiful, loving girl!

THANK YOU BARB and Ken! Happy Birthday to Maddie!

Terri sends us this update on Peaches:

What a fun year we have had!  Both of my girls, Peaches and Ochoco, turned 9 this year, I feel so lucky to have them both health and happy and active.  They both walked in the Veterans and Working Dog parades this year at the BMDCO National Specialty in Portland—as inconsequential as a parade is it meant a lot to me to have two active and working, senior Berners in both parades.

In her 9th year Peaches competed in 13 Nose Work trials, mostly at the Elite level with many individual placements and just recently a 2nd overall. In 2017 she attained a points ranking in the top 25 highest scores in the country with an 89.47—competing against all ages and breeds!  We missed getting invited to 2017 NACSW National Invitationals by 0.53 points!!! DOH!  So close.  She is also 62.4 points away from her 1000 Point Elite Championship, the highest level attainable in NACSW Nose Work, hopefully she will be the first Berner to attain that title! (Several Berners are hot on her tail!)
Peach also entered her first Brace Draft tests at 9 years old and passed 2 out of 3, along with her obedience debut at 9 yrs. in Novice A and Team Obedience at the Specialty—which along with 3 of her sisters on the team they took 2nd place—what a hoot that was.
In her 9th year we have traveled all over the West for Nose Work competitions including multiple trips each to CA, MT, CO, WA, and southern OR.  In addition traveling for fun to the beach numerous times this year, and taking regular long hikes and dips in the river at our local Thousand Acres/Sandy River Delta and Powell Butte nature parks. 
Peach is super fit, skinny and healthy with just an old-dog lump or two (all recently checked out).  She also had her first bath this year since the day I brought her home 9 years ago!  She likes Nose Work better than baths…
Thank you, Terri! And Happy Birthday to Peaches!

Our very own ZOEY!

She has had fun chasing the neighbors' cows back to their field -- twice so far today!

We went for a walk and Zoey nicely posed for some birthday photos...

Sparkle even allowed Zoey to wear her extra cool birthday sunglasses in honor of being nine!

And now we hear from PURNA! Okay -- we hear from  Marti about Purna ;)

Purna is 9!  Such a happy day.   There were a couple of times in the last 13 months that I did not think she would make it to 9.  She is a survivor this one.   She rules our house, both Kidd and Lilloete follow her bidding.   If they are in my lap and she comes up and looks at them, they hop off the couch and she climbs on.   They still all rough house and play chase in the back yard and she tries to shut them down.

Her last show was the National in Portland.   She loves going in the ring as a veteran, it is the applause!   To her the applause is better than the treats.   She seemed to slow down a lot after the Specialty and started having trouble getting up the stairs.  I changed up her meds and supplements a couple weeks ago (added cannibis) and she is much better.   Seems to be getting a little bit stronger every day.   She still insists on being the first one trained every day.   Her sessions are shorter, and she gets a long sniff about walk every day.   I usually like to walk without a lot of stopping and starting when I am out with the dogs,  but Purna has changed that for me.   Her walks now are really all about her.  She gets to sniff and take me wherever she wants.   Today to celebrate her big day, she got her picture taken, she got a big marrow bone with a lot of meat left on and when it cools down we will go for a nice walk in the park.    Happy Birthday to all the F litter.  My heart is with Terri and Zed, Julie and Faith, Johnny and Homer, and Karen and Maya.  
Thank you Marti -- and Happy Birthday to Purna!
And yes, we send our birthday love to those celebrating at the Rainbow Bridge.


by CA Heidi :-D on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 17:51

Oh Nine is so FINE!!! Happiest of birthdays, F litter! <3


by Carmen K on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 18:05

Happy Birthday to the F Litter!!! It's a gift to hit nine. Wishing you many more!

by Nell in Cedar City on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 19:08

In her plethora of titles, I don't think Zoey has herding but it is clear that she knows how. Or is it just her way of cleaning the yard like she tidies up the house. Mary-Anne what did you trade her for a cow?

Love all the pictures and stories.

Hard to believe that Terri's two were little puppies when we meet them

Happy hugs to all the F litter families.


by Kay on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 22:17

What a great group of dogs and owners. Thanks for the pics.

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