Sparkler Update: Abbie

Thank you for the emails letting me know you are enjoying the Sparkler updates :) It is fun to see how a litter grows and changes, isn't it? Today we catch up with Abbie -- Ashlee shares this update:

"Oh what to say about Abbie Cadabbie.  One of the greatest gifts we gave our last Berner was her name "Joy."  It brought her Joy in everything she did, and what could be a better gift.  And we thought, if we could do anything for our new little bundle of joy, it would be to give her that same gift.  So, we named her Abbie, which literally means “Father’s Joy”. And her name it too true.  She couldn’t bring her Dad (Todd) or me more joy.   She has Todd wrapped around her little paw….treats, toys, full body snuggles…you name it he’ll give it to her.  It’s the sweetest thing ever.

 She still loves sleeping on her back and belly rubs.  She has developed a single slide move where she can go from sitting to lying flat on her back for a belly rub in less than a second. It feels like a baseball player sliding into home.  She loves to bury her head in you so deep that sometimes she even starts a somersault.  When she gets super excited, she literally runs around the walls of the room, like she is in a NASCAR race.  And she is a sweetheart.  The other day, I woke up from a nap and next to me on the sofa she had placed her bone, as if to say, “I know I love a good bone chew when I wake up from a nap and I thought you might too.”

She is still figuring out how her little body works. Sometimes she can be up on the bed in a single bound and other times she can’t for the life of her figure out how she could possibly get up there.  She is super obedient and tries to please at every turn.  In true berner fashion, sometimes she is a little naughty. She loves to eat her toys, and you have to keep an eye on her when she is playing with anything soft.  We have a leg on our coffee table that Abbie just doesn’t think is quite right.  But life wouldn’t be any fun without a little naughty.  We sure do love her and couldn’t imagine life without her."

Wow -- what a JOYful report! Thank you, Ashlee and Todd, for loving that girl so very much heart



by CA Heidi on Tue, 09/12/2017 - 17:37

Sweet, happy, JOYFUL, perfect!!!


by Kathy L on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 06:57

We had Abbie as a house guest for a few days last month and she is a delight! She is such a good little girl, fit right in, and put Zimmer to shame really. As we know, Zimmer can be a bit naughty.

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