Lost Opportunities

In the Big Scheme of Life there are many things that do not rise to the level of tragedy, and I think we too often minimize because of that. "It could have been worse" we tell ourselves. I wonder who gets to decide what rises to the level of griefworthy?

All that is to explain that I am super sad because yesterday I spent the day with my family and when I got back to my sister's place I discovered the card was not in my camera. All those photos of generations of Sontags on the bench dedicated to my Granddad on the UC Berkeley campus?? They actually do not exist. SO SAD. 


Thank goodness for cell phone photos. This is my wonderfully charming grandson and my super clever niece at Zachary's Pizza on Solano. 

And in spite of how they all look -- we had so much fun! My neice, Rosemary, and my brother, and my father....

It is hard to explain what the UC Berkeley campus means to my family -- we are rooted there. My Granddad was a well-respected professor (History), and we grew up with that campus as our playground. My dad went to school there, and when I was born we lived in family housing -- when I was a student there, I again lived in that family housing with my own children.

I am heartbroken that the photos do not exist. A costly mistake not to have checked to make certain the card was present -- a mistake I am unlikely to make again. Sigh.

Tony will recognize this place -- my Granddad used to get our birthday cakes here...

Obviously I need to start planning the next trip!!!



by Elizabethanne on Fri, 01/05/2018 - 23:42

Losing all those wonderful photos is so very sad. I can't do anything about what happened today, but I can absolutely guarantee this will never happen again. The default mode on your Nikon is set for demo purposes. It lets people take pictures at the camera shop without a memory card in the slot. You can change the settings so that your camera won't let that happen. If you are shooting with your D7100, go to your menu and go down to the little pencil icon on the left. Then scroll down to f7 Slot empty release lock and change it from Enable Release (which lets you take photos with no card) to Release Locked (which does not). I'd double check it with the card out, just to be sure you enabled the correct mode.

by Mary-Ann on Sat, 01/06/2018 - 06:04

GREAT Info -- thank you!

by Tony on Sat, 01/06/2018 - 17:41

that the card wasn't in your camera. Does that mean the pictures from the night before didn't exist either?
Is there a better deep dish pizza than Zachary's? I used to live a few blocks away from Virginia Bakery so I always walked by there on my way home. Still go there for special occasions though!

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