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Double Trouble

Yesterday Claire and I drove around Flathead Lake to meet Tika and Aysha. We met in Whitefish, which has an incredibly cool dog park -- particularly awesome as it was a HOT day. These are photos from the playdate at the dog park.

A Farewell

Almost nine years ago, we had two litters close together. That meant we had lots of adorable puppies to share but now it means we have lots of beloved berners older than the breed's average age of death, and yes -- we are losing them. This should not be a surprise, right? But it still feels shocking to me and I suspect I am not the only one.

What's the Big Deal About Nice?

I continue to ponder the thinking behind punishing a dog for failure to do a down signal -- probably because it is a good way to think about dog training in general. 


Guess Who...

Love. It Works.

One of the things I enjoy about training dogs is that -- like people -- one size doesn't fit all. Training is a constant and thoughtful process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. But it is not just the dog that is constantly in this change process -- to be a good trainer, the human must also continually engage in a parallel process. Life with Dogs is all about becoming a better human being -- or finding out that you are missing the mark so you can try again.

The Utility Statue Signal & What NOT to Do/Be

Oh, the frustration of the Down Signal in Utility - how well I know thee! You give the signal and the dog stands there...


I think he missed his dogs...


I like to observe and gather data -- it is just how my brain works. Fifteen days in an RV at dog shows provided plenty of information to process. You had to know this was coming, right?

When Fun Means Success

After 17 days on the road, I arrived home last night with mixed feelings. I am in love with Lucky the Leprechaun (aka the RV) but home is also nice -- isn't it great that we do not always have to choose one thing or another, but can enjoy both? I had help with the packing up in Missoula yesterday...

Day 14 of Shows: Missoula UPDATED

I have been gone for a total of 17 days now and I am not sick of it yet. But alas -- all good things must end (bad ones, too and thank goodness for that); today is the last day of shows. Even the dogs are still happy...


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