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Thank you for visiting the Kaibab Bernese Mountain Dog website. The purposes of this site are to educate those looking for a berner, to provide information about our breeding program, and to provide regular updates to -- and about -- our Kaibab family and friends. Please enjoy your visit and come back often!

The Kaibab Blog
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A Happy Day!

Just a quick note to share awesome news -- photos to follow.

More Adventure than Desired!

Imagine being here...

Lost Opportunities

In the Big Scheme of Life there are many things that do not rise to the level of tragedy, and I think we too often minimize because of that. "It could have been worse" we tell ourselves. I wonder who gets to decide what rises to the level of griefworthy?

Remembering Tara

We have lost a member of our Kaibab community -- Tara from our G Litter had to leave. Here is the memorial prepared by her family...

Day Two of the Guilty Adventure

Claire and Daisy love each other!

An Adventure with Guilt Attached

Claire and I are heading out for an adventure. The *guilt* part is that Zoey, Sparkle, and Harper are staying home :(

And We're Off...

Thinking About 2018 Aspirations

We are almost there! 2018 is breathing down our necks and that means it is time for New Year Aspirations/Hopes/Dreams/Wishes/Prayers -- whatever you prefer.

2017: Part 2

One might easily think I do not have much of a life outside of dogs -- that would be a false assumption. This is a blog about Life with Dogs -- not about Life with Mary-Ann. However, there is overlap because Life with Dogs is really all about how we practice who and what we are as reflected in our interactions with -- and about -- dogs. 

2017: Part 1

There are different ways of looking at the same picture, even in Life with Dogs. 


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