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Claire is my eleventh Berner puppy. My first was Emma, and I spent weeks before her arrival reading and studying as well as mooning over puppy supplies at the local pet stores. Once she arrived, I was methodical and careful about her training. Fast forward 23 years...

Timing and Journeys

I have become a bit obsessed with foot timing after reading this excellent post. Opposing feet should be doing the same thing if the foot timing at a trot is correct -- so right front and left rear are a team, and left front and right rear are a team.

Claire and Titer Testing: The Next Chapter

We have been checking Claire's titers each Monday morning, and I wanted to share that process with you. We are doing the titers to know when her maternally-derived antibodies (MDA) are low enough to allow effective vaccination -- vaccinating in the presence of MDA neutralizes the vaccine, rendering it ineffective (and the puppy unprotected). Did you know those MDA are the leading cause of vaccine failure?

Sunday Pics

I love this Scott Klar photo of Kidd (iPups)...

Sad News

I want to share that Maya, from the F Litter, passed away recently from osteosarcoma. Condolences to Karen and her family who have loved Maya for the past 8.5 years. This is a link to a news piece featuring Maya's experience with Hospice: http://wtkr.com/2017/02/10/parting-with-your-pet-saying-goodbye-to-our-f...

A Happy Syd Update

The Specialty -- yikes. It is next month (in Portland, Oregon). How did that happen?! Our grooming block is Kaibab and Friends, and all are friends so please feel free to join us. Just put the group name when you reserve your spot.

Today's update is about Sydney.

Family Love

I imagine some of you might have a sense of loss now that the Sparklers are in their new homes and no longer the focus of this blog. I just want to acknowledge that -- if you feel that way, just know it is appropriate and okay.

Just Thoughts

Life with Dogs is filled with opportunities to practice skills necessary for Life in General. For example, the important lesson about just removing sources of temptations rather than continually fighting them (i.e., kitchen rug vs. puppy). Today I was reminded of the need to continually check my assumptions.

Claire and her Unknown Name

And now we have Claire...

Dewey Promotes Peace and Expands Community

Dewey was one of the puppies that traveled to Salt Lake City with me. We met Tony and Kay/Sue there so they could have easy flights home with their new puppies -- Missoula is not the most convenient airport, and especially in the winter. This is a photo Tony sent along from the Puppy Party in Utah...


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