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New Title!

Deb noted a new title that Claire has earned (over and over): Counter Surfer Extraordinaire (CSE). Because she is from a family of achievers, Claire has advanced to the next level -- I call it Counter Surfer Extraordinaire Excellent, or CSEX (Lisa K is cackling about now ;).

The Rest of the Story

I had a nagging sense there was something subtly different on Zoey's right side - just a wee bit of fullness or bulge. In addition, Zoey had twice pooped in an inappropriate place at the Specialty -- not diarrhea but just as if she was having a normal potty break in a not normal place. Zoey doesn't do things like that.

Except for a propensity to stand on kitchen tables, Zoey just doesn't do inapproriate things -- and now that I think about it, a nearly nine year old berner that can jump on a table should be celebrated so never mind -- she is basically perfect and therefore the abnormal potty spots were odd and therefore, concerning.

Tears and Ripples

4:00 a.m. and Zoey was nestled in. Perfect time for reflection, right?

That Face (and that one!)

This is the face of a Counter Surfer Extraordinaire!

Babies & Friends

Claire and Berkeley...

The Puppies

Cute Daisy is here while she is in season -- protecting virtue is a job that Grandmas do well ;)


Two photos from the (very wet) draft test.


The Specialty is such a study in contrasts for me. Such excesses with/over dogs while we lock our cars at the draft tests against poor and homeless human beings. So much love for dogs and deep friendships among people even as dogs are choked and people are ignored (or worse -- told to Drop Dead). It makes my heart hurt and messes with my head, to be honest -- and I am glad it does.

In Focus

It should not be true that a Berner who is 8.5+ years is so terrifying -- but it kinda is. You feel like you are holding a ticking bomb, unsure when it will go off but certain it will. Each day brings you closer to the shattering. 

The Report

On the first day, it rained. And rained. And rained. We did draft in this mess...


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