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Thank you for visiting the Kaibab Bernese Mountain Dog website. The purposes of this site are to educate those looking for a berner, to provide information about our breeding program, and to provide regular updates to -- and about -- our Kaibab family and friends. Please enjoy your visit and come back often!

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Taking Issue & Bears

I link some blog posts on Facebook, and that can result in some interesting discussions not reflected in the Comment section below. For example, yesterday's post generated a discussion about groomers and resulted in one person telling me in a perfectly kind way that I have "trust issues."

Clarity & Balance

Puppy placement decisions are a tough balancing act, and I am -- of course -- already thinking about how the puzzle will come together. The picture that needs to emerge when all is said and done is happy, healthy, interesting lives for the puppies and placements that allow me to sleep well at night. 

Four Weeks @ 6:30 pm

This photo is too perfect not to share...

A Well Lit Life

Before we begin our day with the Sparklers, I wanted to provide some updates on former puppies.


Live from Puppy Central

Fun new thing at Puppy Central -- as of yesterday afternoon we are seeing some social tail wagging. Super cute! Not so fun thing -- jaw power is increasing and their small chomps are starting to hurt.


Something that started yesterday -- grooming each other. How cute is that? The other interesting development (literally) is the puppies' teeth are erupting all at once -- as in their entire mouths are being filled with teeth rather than a tooth here and a tooth there. Nope -- full sets of razor sharp teeth are arriving en masse here at Puppy Central. Their jaws are not yet strong enough to do any piercing but that is coming soon.

What Else? Sparklers All Day Long

The first night in the new suite went well...

Day 22

Belle has a special message this morning...

Incoming: Three Weeks

This evening at 6:30 the Sparklers will be three weeks old. It is so amazing what puppies accomplish in three weeks -- walking, seeing, hearing, playing, and almost quadrupling their birth weight! Today we will be taking down the whelping box -- for obvious reasons...


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