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Day 5: Blackfoot

People do not really understand why/how I detest all things FISH/Seafood. Dear Husband continually suggests that I just try this and try that, insisting it doesn't taste fishy at all! Lobster, he says -- try it! Dear Wife -- try this amazing clam chowder! And so on - you get the idea. I have a Fish Phobia and I admit it. 

Day 4: Blackfoot

Claire's debut went well...

The Sound of a Breaking Heart is Falling Tears

I have sad news to share about Mesa from the H Litter.

Day 2: Filer & Day 3: Blackfoot

Yesterday in Filer was a lovely day -- Sparkle was Best of Opposite and Owner-Handled Group 3. Zoey doesn't love to show in the beauty pageant but she sure likes grooming tables...

Day 1: Filer

Harper B for Bum Leg had a good day...

Lucky Indeed

Claire wasn't the only one who didn't know what adventures awaited her. Wow. It started innocently enough -- we headed south yesterday afternoon towards Ketchum, Idaho. First stop was a break along the Salmon River...

Lucky Us

Claire has no idea of the adventures that await her!

Lessons from the Dog

Writing a blog is a lot easier than writing a book chapter, FYI. I sent off the chapter yesterday -- 31 pages with the various figures and five pages of references. 

Quick Zoey Update

Zoey has finished her first cycle of four weeks of chemotherapy for her basically asymptomatic B-cell Lymphoma...

Photos and Fun

I want to send a special shout out to Terri and Peaches (F Litter). Peaches teamed up with her niece, Tilly (owned by Jennifer Brightbill), and together they earned Peaches' Novice Brace Draft Dog title yesterday.


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