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A Matchmaker Success Story: Belle

I knew early on that Miss Belle needed to be in a home that appreciated cuddling, as it was clear before she was even a week old that she was the Champion Cuddler in the litter. Belle is with Ashlee and Todd, and I think the photos tell the story of a Perfect Match. Here is our update:

The Puppy Formerly Known as Tolman

Tolman is now Lucas (Kaibab’s Journey To The Stars) and he is enjoying the summery winter of Phoenix with our long-time friends/family, Kay and Sue. Here is their wonderful report:

The Puppy Formerly -- and Forever -- Known as Zimmer

Today we have a report from Salt Lake City where Zimmer now resides with our most excellent friends, Jack and Kathy, and his iPup Aunt, Ava. Did you know that five of the nine Sparklers are in iPup homes? Kathy sends us this wonderful report on Mr. Charming...

The Maid of Mayhem

As I read your comments this morning, I just need to let you know how grateful I am that new lives/new families have the love and support of a community -- it makes such a difference. Thank you for your emails and your comments and your connections to the Sparklers heart And thank you to Sparkler Families for providing these wonderful updates!

Tweedy: New Country, New Name

The puppy formerly known as Tweedy is now Tika, and although she lives in Canada she is actually the puppy who is closest to us. Aysha sends us this excellent report on The Life and Times of Tika.

Jordan Reporting

It was nine weeks ago today that the Sparklers made their grand entrance into the world - this is Jordan as a newborn...

The Sparkler Series: Next Chapter

Today we start a series of individual Sparkler updates, beginning with the puppy formerly known as Taylor.

500 More Miles

We had another adventurous day today, starting with some playtime with Dear Daughter's dog, Pumpkin...

Puppy Love Train: The Sparkler Express (Updated)

This cheerful crew won't be my morning companions anymore...

Whoa Nellie!

I like to think about things in small pieces -- training dogs, my day, goals, etc. And so I see a puppy outing as a collection of small pieces -- travel, new place, new people, possibly new dogs, new germs, etc. Each of those brings a challenge that has to be mastered, and they are best done separately; flooding a puppy is rarely a good plan.


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