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Sparkler Updates: Ze.D & Jordan

More Sparkler Updates today, including videos! Let's start with Zelimir Dewey (aka Ze.D)...

Sydney Update

The news is not good, friends. Sydney has a mass in her lungs and a possible lesion in her spine. I know well this is hard news for those who love her but let's focus on this: She is happy and enjoying her life. See for yourself...

Sparkler Updates: Lucas & Zimmer

Today we check in with two of our Sparkler boys, starting with Lucas (Tolman).

Sparkler Updates: Abbie & Tika

Sparkler Updates. Can you even believe they will be four months old later this month?! We start with this fun update from Ashlee about Abbie (Belle)...

Perfect vs. Happy

Do you ever wonder why a different point of view is so threatening? I do. A lot.

What causes people to go on the attack when a difference is expressed? Why does it seem appropriate to "Shoot the Messenger" when we disagree with the message?

What's Your Super Power?

Sydney has been thrown yet another curve ball -- her remaining rear leg has stopped being functional. On Thursday evening she visited the neighbor's granddaughters and was happily fine. And on Friday morning her left rear leg was not weight bearing.

Favor & Fotos

I have a request -- a favor.

Birthday Thoughts

The math is tough to do this early in the morning. It is 2017. My mom has not been here to celebrate her birthday since 1983 -- her 45th. That is a lot of birthday tears.

Handling Lessons

You know how we have an Inside Voice and an Outside Voice? The Inside Voice is what is running through our brains, and the Outside Voice is what comes out through the filters that are should be in place to prevent us from saying exactly what we think. Do you ever wonder -- why is saying what I think such a bad thing?!


This is Claire...


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