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Day 36

Good Morning!

Anonymous posted yesterday that "...someone had to trust you...", with the implication of the need for reciprocity (i.e., perhaps I should be more trusting of others) -- what an excellent opportunity to talk about trust!

FIVE WEEKS (aka Day 35)

Five weeks old today -- wow! As I said last night, the changes that a puppy goes through in these early weeks is just amazing to me. Five weeks ago they were blind, deaf, and extremely vulnerable in all ways -- and this morning they were running and twirling and biting my feet and just basically creating havoc. Again I am reminded -- a puppy is life in fast forward.

Day 34

I am glad you enjoyed the videos -- I wish we could do more outside but the plumpies were shivering after four minutes! Clearly we need to send Dear Husband out to buy them small coats! After all, we know how much he loves to shop for dog clothes!

Day 33

We begin by wishing The Other Heidi and her new husband, Michael, BEST WISHES on their marriage; their wedding took place on 11/11/11 in California heart

Day 32

Good Morning!

It is 5:30 a.m. and the plumpies have nursed and played and been photographed, and the whelping box is clean and filled with sleeping babies -- and the big dogs have all been fed -- and I bet most of you are still sound asleep!

Day 31

Regardless of one's political stripes, today is a day to consider that there are those among us who live out their principles about what is right and wrong through military service. I admire people of principle. And I ache for the families whose sons and daughters, husbands/ wives/partners, fathers and mothers do not return from their principled mission. It is Veterans Day here in the United States -- thank you to Veterans who reflect principle and commitment and bravery -- we could all use more of those qualities.

Day 30

I want to start today's Blog with a picture because I think it perfectly sums up what is important to know about puppies:

Day 29

Having a litter of puppies -- for me -- is consuming. I seriously do not know how anyone produces multiple litters in a year -- they obviously have a skill set that I do not have, or else they have a higher "don't give a darn" threshold. And anyone who thinks it would be fun and easy to have a litter needs to have their head examined! I have not had a decent night of sleep in a month and I could make a long list of normal activities that have just dropped off the radar of my life for these weeks.


It is hard for me to believe that the plumpies are four weeks old -- what a whirlwind the past four weeks has been! But it is true -- they are officially four weeks old as of this afternoon, and of course Grandma Terri is working on a collage for us -- wait until you see how cute their pictures were this morning!

Day 27

So sorry this is late!!! This time change is messing with us -- first puppy wake-up is at 4:00 a.m. and by the time I got ready to take pictures they were all fast asleep so I had to wait until second puppy wake-up. However, the light was better so I got some pretty pictures :)


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