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Day 15

All is well at Puppy Central this morning -- pictures for now and update later...


Each week feels like a significant milestone, and so it is wonderful to say that we have made it safely and happily to two weeks old. The puppies are all within about seven ounces of each other, with Austin the smallest at 44.2 ounces this morning (birth weight was 12.35) and Barcelona as the biggest at 51.25 (birth weight of 16.4).

CH Zaida

Puppy pictures will continue on the Day 13 entry but wanted to share the official show photo of CH Zaida (from the G Litter so Sydney's littermate) -- congratulations again (and GOOD JOB!) to Barb and big thanks to Val Horney for handling her...

Day 13

Some of the things puppies do make taking pictures of them very challenging. For example, I put the bright orange fleece on a chair with the idea of taking individual pictures for the collage. This is how it looked...

Day 12

Good Morning!

As expected, more eyes are opening and the ones who started already are opened just a little more. This is Austin, whose eyes started opening two days ago -- and this is as far as we have gotten...

Day 11

Every morning is like Christmas - I get up to find new surprises. Puppy growth and development is so quick that even 7 - 8 hours makes a difference. I will make a video later so you can see their increasing mobility and size, and hopefully see some of the beginning efforts at play.

Day 10 (Collage added)

Here we are in double digits! All is well but this will be brief and short -- I teach a grad research class in exactly 85 minutes and have a 35 minute commute!! Collage later -- just emailed Terri all the great pictures. Our Big News: Austin's eyes are starting to open -- more on that later. For now, just a few pictures...

Day Nine

Good Morning!

There is a big challenge of having a litter that I wanted to mention, and that is learning to live with the "un-done" things. The house is not as clean, I haven't ridden my bike in almost two weeks, I feel like I am constantly playing catch-up, and my other dogs have also had to give up normal life. I try hard to continue to walk and train them, but it is not the same and that is hard. I know it is temporary and everyone will be fine -- but it is challenging to look around and see (and feel) so much that needs doing.

Day 8

I woke up to an email from Kris Osojnicki with the correct answer -- she knew that the dogs in the picture behind Z from last night are Abra and Zaltana! And she did not even get the hint from Facebook! I am seriously impressed -- and she wins an imaginary prize for that -- a new car!!! (when prizes are imaginary, they might as well be good ones). Abra and Zaltana are the parents of Halo (grandma of this litter), and Zaltana is one of the Z's for which Daddy Zed gets his name and little Z also. So good job, Kris -- you have been paying attention all these years!

ONE WEEK!!!!! We Made It!!!!!

We made it! The seven puppies are safely at the one week mark -- that is a big milestone! And most have doubled their birth weight this morning, with the couple who have not doubled being so close that they should easily do it by the evening weigh in. There is, of course, one exception...


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