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Just In Case

We cannot talk as if there will be puppies on/about October 13 because that would be tempting fate and possibly creating a jinx but maybe we could just write in generalities about some of the questions that have been asked about the potential litter and etc. without causing a problem?? I will try...

Happy Birthday Flitter Puppies!

Today our F Litter turns three years old! There are eight puppies in that litter -- six girls (Peaches, Maya, Faith, Purna, Maddie, and Zoey) and two boys (Zed and Homer). This litter was the first born in Montana and also the first Blog litter. I suspect more pictures will be forthcoming but wanted to share a few that I have already -- we will continue the birthday celebration all weekend :)

Just Stuff & Pictures

Do you know what happens when you hammer a square peg in a round hole? It is a big mess, and that square peg is never the same.

Sometimes we hammer away -- on ourselves, other people, and even our dogs -- trying hard to create a "fit" where one does not really exist. What is wrong with accurately assessing what we have -- a square peg -- and finding the right place for it? (click Read more)

Transforming Disappointment

First of all, congratulations to Marti and her girls (the four legged ones). On Saturday, Purna (F Litter) was Best of Winners/Best of Opposite at a show in Santa Barbara, and on Sunday it was Fiona's (D Litter) turn to do the same -- isn't it great that the girls share so nicely?!

And speaking of Marti, she recently wrote something to me that absolutely was genius and has prompted a lot of thinking on my part. Basically, what Marti noted is that one important thing one needs to know about potential puppy homes is how they handle disappointment.

Beginnings and Endings

What I love about being a professor is that there are regular endings and beginnings -- in fact, there is a cycle of them that goes on and on and on. I like finish lines just as I like goals, and those two things are related -- beginnings involve goals and objectives, and at the finish line you evaluate how you did.

The Consequences of Success -- and Pictures!

I try not to Blog when I am in a mood -- hence no posts for the past couple of days. Believe it or not, this Blog is really not, "Dear Diary" and so sometimes it is best to sit on one's hands and keep them away from the keyboard -- yes, even I can have restraint at times! And so this is the restrained version... Click Read more -- if you dare!

More Kaibab News and Info About Camp Kaibab (by request!)

Cali says Blogs should always have pictures, and Carol notes that she misses the ability to make the pictures bigger. Okay -- I will do my best to always include pictures and Galen informs me that he already showed me how to include the whole "click and make the picture bigger" thing but I do not remember so I have to get a new lesson -- sigh.

Okay -- let's get to the news and the Camp Kaibab 2012 announcement (click Read more).

The Power of the NEW Lucky Hanukkah Socks

I want to write this Blog in a way that shares my pride and my joy BUT doesn't sound over the top braggy -- because great accomplishments never happen in isolation, and so what seems to be something one person achieved is really because of the efforts of so many. In the case of Zoey, I would not have the dog I do without all those who worked with me in my breeding program, all the trainers -- human and dog -- that I have had along the way, Dear Husband (or Galen) who stays home with the other dogs when we show and just puts up with it all, The New Lucky Hanukkah Socks, The Lucky Green Socks, and so on -- you get the idea. No accomplishment belongs to one person.

That said, we have an amazingly great dog and I will say that at the risk of poking at the rattlesnakes who will stir to find negative things to say because God forbid somebody else have a Great Dog!!! Rattlesnakes -- calm down!!! There is plenty of glory to be shared :)

But we do have a Great Dog -- and I mean *we* as in all of you who have followed Zoey and her littermates for nearly three years now, and who have sent support and encouragement and socks and so on -- you are part of Team Zoey. And guess what Team? We got ourselves a Winner :) (click Read more to read more about Zoey's Excellent Summer)

News Flash

Grand Champion Zoey!

Ferrets, Pulis and Why -- Oh MY!

You must read Elizabethanne's excellent comment under yesterday's Blog before reading this or it won't make much sense -- but I hope you will follow as this discussion is very interesting (well, to me at least)! (Click Read more -- or the title -- to see the full Blog)


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