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And More...

I am not a fan of euthanasia - let me just start with that. I am not one who goes on about Final Gift and so on and so forth -- but that is fine if you do! I just don't. It isn't that I am particularly opposed to Death but the truth is that I actually prefer Life. Okay -- it is more complicated than that so let me try to explain...

More on Palliative Care

October. The Lymphoma came back strong -- in Zoey's liver. She felt crappy and would not eat. One particularly bad morning she literally collapsed in the parking lot of the veterinary clinic and could not get up. She kept going blind. Her biopsy site got infected and developed an abscess. And so on. Not our most favorite month of 2017.

When Cure is Not Possible, Hope is Not Lost

I was in the local animal food place when I overheard someone asked about mushrooms for a dog with cancer. I can't ignore conversations like that and so I joined in -- and that is how I met a woman and her German Shepherd who had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer (the dog not the woman). 


I am grateful for reminders...

Updated: A VIB (Very Important Birthday!)

A heavy-hearted but happy day -- the Glitterati are NINE. The heavy heart is for the ones we lost -- Sydney and Rainey in the past year, and Murphy before that. Why can't they stay longer?!

Sparklers @ 11 Months

Nine sweet puppies born 11 months ago -- how are they faring, you might ask? Today is all about the Sparklers!

B for Buzz and B for Bull...

Do ends justify the means, or are some things just wrong? This is a question that reflects two "lines" of ethical thinking -- and dog training.


Tika and Claire got to have a playdate this morning!

Tika (and Claire)

Happy Saturday! Tika (Sparkler) continues her recovery from Dog Show Crud...


This is Claire yesterday when getting ready for a walk...


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