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The Girls

Harper B for Ball on a chilly Montana morning...

Miss Adventures

What a week.

Fun in Montana

Zoey is very, very hungry -- isn't that great news?

In Defense of Ruthie

 Laurie recently posted a video of Ruthie's antics during meal prep, and Laurie's patient strategies for addressing said behavior; some of you watched that video, I am sure.

Silver and Gold

This is from six years ago -- Maize (A Litter) with her great-granddaughter, Lainey (H Moon Litter)...

Quick Pics

Thanks to Carol K for this awesome photo of Marti and Kidd (iPup) -- they were 4 for 6 at the NorCal Draft Test over the weekend!


Guess where I am?


Congratulations are in order for Team Kidd (iPup) -- Kidd has a new DD title (Draft Dog)...

In Spite of That...

It went like this.  Dear Husband is a big Dodgers fan and so on Sunday night one of the Dear Sons invited Dear Husband to go to Game Six of the World Series, to be held less than 48 hours after said invitation and 1,000+ miles away. WOW! That is a Big Deal!! And so this happened...

BOO! (Revised)

Happy Halloween from Zimmer (Sparkler) and Ava (iPup)...


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