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Summer Fun

After the long, cold winter you would think I would be happy about the long, hot summer -- not so much! It is the sizzling hot part that is getting to me -- but we find ways to stay cool...

Happy B-Day & Summer Photos

Happy Birthday A Litter, which included Miss Maize (photo at ten years :)

Various -- Like Life

Yesterday was the birthday of Cadi, Maverick and Dillon; tomorrow is the A Litter's birthday, including Maize. I am reminded that every day is someone's secret sorrow. Time absolutely softens loss and grief, but how sad would it be if a painful bruise did not always remain to remind us of deep love? I am remembering -- and missing -- great dogs this month.

Morning Show

The puppies were mesmerized at the dining room door, watching something outside as I was making toast. I went over to see what was so interesting and that is how the first slice of toast went to the dogs.

When Normal is Extraordinary

Claire takes her job as an alarm clock quite seriously. Within minutes of about 5:15 she starts jumping up and down in her x-pen located in a corner of our bedroom. She doesn't bark -- she just bounces. And so we are always up to greet the dawn.

Weaving In the Puppies

When I sit down to post a blog, I so often think of people. I think of Nell, who follows along with our canine family and friends from southern Utah. I think of Carol who sends along her thoughts on various posts via email. I think of Joan, who now lives without a berner.  And so on. My mind so often rests on people I wish I could see regularly someplace other than my mind. Such is the nature of living life in a community that spans so many miles.

Double Trouble

Yesterday Claire and I drove around Flathead Lake to meet Tika and Aysha. We met in Whitefish, which has an incredibly cool dog park -- particularly awesome as it was a HOT day. These are photos from the playdate at the dog park.

A Farewell

Almost nine years ago, we had two litters close together. That meant we had lots of adorable puppies to share but now it means we have lots of beloved berners older than the breed's average age of death, and yes -- we are losing them. This should not be a surprise, right? But it still feels shocking to me and I suspect I am not the only one.

What's the Big Deal About Nice?

I continue to ponder the thinking behind punishing a dog for failure to do a down signal -- probably because it is a good way to think about dog training in general. 


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