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The Kaibab Blog
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Kids & Puppies & Teeth

John sent this wonderful Easter photo of the K-Kids...

Sparkler Update: Ruthie

I am not sure how she managed but Lori has sent us an update on Ruthie (Taylor)! She shares:

Sparkler Update: Claire & Perspective

One of my students brought his granddaughter to class yesterday. Our topic: Aging.  Through a series of questions, seven-year-old Aspen determined that under age 30 is not old, age 30 is "kinda old" and 35 is old; that perspective is also her truth. Is it yours? Likely not.

Sparkler Updates: Kiri & Lori/Ruthie

Today we have an update from Alison about Kiri (Chalice) and an update about Lori and her Kaibab Krew -- let's start with Kiri...

Sparkler Updates: Ze.D & Jordan

More Sparkler Updates today, including videos! Let's start with Zelimir Dewey (aka Ze.D)...

Sydney Update

The news is not good, friends. Sydney has a mass in her lungs and a possible lesion in her spine. I know well this is hard news for those who love her but let's focus on this: She is happy and enjoying her life. See for yourself...

Sparkler Updates: Lucas & Zimmer

Today we check in with two of our Sparkler boys, starting with Lucas (Tolman).

Sparkler Updates: Abbie & Tika

Sparkler Updates. Can you even believe they will be four months old later this month?! We start with this fun update from Ashlee about Abbie (Belle)...


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