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Day 9: Billings

Today's judge tried to give Select Bitch to a male - and then another male! Dog shows can be so entertaining and perplexing all at the same time. No points for Sparkle today but that is okay -- we are here to have fun...

Day 8: Billings

DE (Dear Elizabethanne) got some awesome photos of Sparkle in Blackfoot...

Day 6: Blackfoot

It was a toy kind of morning here in Blackfoot, both at our place...

Day 5: Blackfoot

People do not really understand why/how I detest all things FISH/Seafood. Dear Husband continually suggests that I just try this and try that, insisting it doesn't taste fishy at all! Lobster, he says -- try it! Dear Wife -- try this amazing clam chowder! And so on - you get the idea. I have a Fish Phobia and I admit it. 

Day 4: Blackfoot

Claire's debut went well...

The Sound of a Breaking Heart is Falling Tears

I have sad news to share about Mesa from the H Litter.

Day 2: Filer & Day 3: Blackfoot

Yesterday in Filer was a lovely day -- Sparkle was Best of Opposite and Owner-Handled Group 3. Zoey doesn't love to show in the beauty pageant but she sure likes grooming tables...

Day 1: Filer

Harper B for Bum Leg had a good day...

Lucky Indeed

Claire wasn't the only one who didn't know what adventures awaited her. Wow. It started innocently enough -- we headed south yesterday afternoon towards Ketchum, Idaho. First stop was a break along the Salmon River...

Lucky Us

Claire has no idea of the adventures that await her!


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