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Stumbling Towards a New Normal

People always wonder if mother dogs are sad about the babies leaving, and I am not sure we can really know. However, Sparkle is not looking for her missing puppies or in any way showing distress about their absence. I know she cares for and about the puppies -- but I also think a dog's mind handles loss in a different way than ours.


Yesterday Joni and her puppy, Neon, stopped by. Tolman got over his shock that dogs came in different colors and played with Neon.

More on the Leavings

I want to thank all Sparkler Friends for coming along side as we shared their first eight weeks. I appreciated and enjoyed your comments and emails -- like when Carol wrote to say that Zimmer appeared to be coming down with a case of the measles! I still laugh about that, and it is why Aysha has taken to calling him "Measles." He will soon have a more fitting name -- don't worry!

Leaving Week Begins

Puppy placements are firming up and will be finalized today. We have three separate vet appointments for puppies -- can you imagine taking all nine at once?! Once the puppies are checked out, we can start to formally share who is going where -- the dispersing starts tomorrow morning. I will post photos throughout today.

Not too many more mornings will look like this...

Sunday Fun

Chrome will be staying with us...

Our Groovy Family

Please enjoy the pics - more added later!


Chrome and Chalice...

Few Words

Today it is best if I do not use my words, and so please enjoy the photos...

The Vaccination Recommendation for the Sparklers

Although this is for the Sparklers, the info has broad relevance; in this discussion I will be focused on two canine diseases: Parvo and Distemper. 

Danger Puppy, Danger Time

The puppies have arrived at a stressful age -- for the humans. Their teeth are sharp and effective, and also apparently itchy -- or maybe they are just excited to try out their mouthfuls of ice picks. I blame CA Heidi because she was here talking about her time as a phlebotomist and now everyone wants to draw blood!


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