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The Vaccination Recommendation for the Sparklers

Although this is for the Sparklers, the info has broad relevance; in this discussion I will be focused on two canine diseases: Parvo and Distemper. 

Danger Puppy, Danger Time

The puppies have arrived at a stressful age -- for the humans. Their teeth are sharp and effective, and also apparently itchy -- or maybe they are just excited to try out their mouthfuls of ice picks. I blame CA Heidi because she was here talking about her time as a phlebotomist and now everyone wants to draw blood!

And So On

Marti leaves this morning, in spite of my suggestion that she stay another week or two. Sad! The puppies are protesting this...

Temperament Testing & Fake News

I already insulted people over ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and so what the heck -- let's just move on to the next thing: Temperament Testing. And please -- no need to tell me you have always done it and blah blah because remember -- belief in something doesn't make it true. That said -- you are free to believe whatever you want! Just don't confuse beliefs with facts.

Don't Blink & Vaccinations

Raising a litter of puppies is like Life -- the everyday changes seems so slow and gradual that you hardly notice, and then suddenly you are in a whole different place, wondering where the time has gone, and how you got to this new place. I feel that way with the Sparklers - how can it be that in ten days they will begin to scatter? I am not ready in so many ways.

Routine Chaos

Our mornings are settling into as much of a routine as is possible with nine bouncing baby berners -- and I do mean bouncing. In our A Litter, the puppy that would just leap at you to be picked up was Cruiser -- I loved her so much. What a charming puppy she was -- and apparently she sent two mini-me's in Jordan and Zimmer. They launch in the air to get my attention, and are so charming and endearing like sweet Cruiser was. The echo is bittersweet.

Karma May Be a Bitch But She is NOT a Bully

Karma -- by choice -- hangs with the puppies.

This and That

Various things this morning and then silence as I have meetings all afternoon/evening.

Careening & Six Week Photos

Having a litter is a whole lot of sharing, and it is not always comfortable. Think about it -- by placing puppies, I am sharing the outcomes of a long series of often challenging decisions. It isn't just me who lives with the consequences of my choices -- it will be eight other families, for better or worse. 

Cautious Optimism

The Night Shift (aka Dear Husband) reported one episode of puking puppy overnight and so we are feeling cautiously optimistic that Puke-a-Palooza is really and truly winding down. The Puke-Fest really put a damper on the Intro to Solid Foods course that we started, and so the puppies just had Official Non-Nursed Meal #2 this morning. I am watching them closely for any signs of rejection but so far, so good...


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