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Fun with Friends & Who Turned Out the Lights?!

Our Dear Friend Joan of Rainey (Glitterati) and Bella (B Litter) fame decided she was ready to welcome a new family member. I think that is such a testament to LOVE -- that a dog brought so much joy as to make the broken heart just one piece of the story, and not The End.

The Quiet Whispering of Vindication & Related Show News

From the show in Utah over the weekend - photos by Elizabethanne and commentary/opinions/thoughts by me...

A Quick Weekend Report

I went to Utah and forgot the camera! UGH! But I did have my phone so here is the quick report...

Sparkler Updates: Tika and Kiri

Good Morning from Butte, Montana where I have spent the past two nights for the Board of Regents meeting. What is the Board of Regents? It is basically the school board for a university system, and I attend these meetings as Chair of the University of Montana's Faculty Senate. So here I am.

Sparkler Update: Abbie

Thank you for the emails letting me know you are enjoying the Sparkler updates :) It is fun to see how a litter grows and changes, isn't it? Today we catch up with Abbie -- Ashlee shares this update:

Sparkler Update: Lucas

I am pleased to report that we have a morning with very little smoke! I am about to commence dog walks (n=3) and then a bike ride but first -- LUCAS!

COUGH, COUGH -- and Zimmer!

I had a dream last night that I saw blue sky and was able to ride my bike. Alas, it was just a dream. Here is a look at the smoke situation from the deck this morning...

Fire/Smoke Update

We interrupt our Sparkler Updates to give you the scoop on our local fire, the Lolo Peak Fire. It is one of literally dozens burning up Montana right now.

Sparkler Update: Jordan

Jordan really has an amazing life with Dianne and her DH (and Jumar and Sunny) in Victoria -- it is a blessing to have puppies in such wonderful homes. At 8.5 months the Sparklers are definitely in the Super Model stage...

Final Gifts

In 2011 we gifted young Alex a puppy that he named Mesa. Do you think it is strange to give a young boy an expensive puppy for nothing more than the promise to love her? I don't. Not only was Alex a particularly wise and responsible child with a terrific family, but I think I recognized in him that part of my childhood self who so wanted a dog of my very own; it made me happy to honor that desire in Alex.


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