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I think the ability to feel pain, including the pain of grief, and to express it is important and healthy. Perhaps this is the advantage of having expertise in loss and grief -- I know it is temporary, normal, and needs expression. There is no shame is acknowledging loss, disappointment, grief, pain, and so on -- in fact, I view it as a strength when done in appropriate ways.

I write this blog to be transparent in some aspects of my life -- mainly as it relates to Life with Dogs. My hope is perhaps it will make some small difference -- in the life of a dog or maybe in the heart of a person -- and I also write for myself, always mindful that a blog should not be Dear Diary or used to hurt people.

Yes -- I am hurt and disappointed but I believe in the inherent goodness of people. If we know their stories, we can understand and feel compassion even when we cannot stand their behavior. This awareness makes it hard for me to see things in black and white, or to hate people or even to think they are evil and rotten.

Some people live empty lives, even though from the outside they seem rich and full. Identity depends on external things and/or alliances with "popular" people -- just like in high school. Awards and achievements become addicting, as Lynne suggested yesterday. My dog, my clique -- it becomes important that those things are seen as the "best" and suddenly all that is more important than relationships or people's feelings or even our integrity.

So yes -- painful and sad to be that person, and also to be the target of such people. But it will be okay. I will breed Sydney in the future, when I am not saying to myself, "If I cannot trust this person who I love so much, who can I trust?"

Loss and grief deserve their place. They exist in acknowledgment of love, of relationship, of caring -- how sad if we did not care enough to mourn. The trick is to feel the feelings, honor the experience, respect the grief -- and let it pass.

And yes, we should expect that people will disappoint -- but that doesn't mean we cannot feel the disappointment. And then we move on because none of us are perfect and nobody deserves to get beat up for being human.

On the other hand, integrity demands that we speak our truths -- in respectful ways -- so we all understand that choices, actions, words, and behavior have the potential to wound. If we do not acknowledge this, how can any of us make amends, make changes, or just be more thoughtful going forward?

When I was in the sixth grade, I had a huge crush on Kirk Lauren. He did not treat my feelings kindly. I waited for him after school -- and punched him and pushed him in the bushes! Yikes!!!!

Random? Not really. A reminder that a girl can only take so much -- and then she has to act. 


And speaking of action, Scarlett demonstrates her excellent counter surfing skills!

Note that Tiffany has learned to cover things -- that won't work for long, and yes I speak from experience :) Remember -- Scarlett is Halo deVil's granddaughter!

And here is her sister, Ava -- what a pretty girl!

Beautiful puppy and beautiful child...

And the iPups' extra cuddly mom, Zoey...

Foot recovery is going well. The scooter thing helps so much and I have no pain -- it is just inconvenient to need save the world by not putting weight on the left foot but do not worry -- I am honoring my responsibility!!! Three more weeks.


by Jennifer Z on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 09:28

It sounds like your heart and your foot are on the mend-your foot a bit faster, perhaps. Scarlett and Ava are looking lovely and very much like their momma.

by Marianne AZ on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 12:59

Everything you said makes perfect sense... but, Can I Push her in the Bushes??

Great Pictures by the way!

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