D Litter Birthday!

Wonderful, thoughtful and appreciated comments on yesterday's blog -- thank you for taking the time to share your perspectives. We shift gears today to celebrate the eighth birthday of the D Litter. I do not have all the pictures yet but I have some to share -- let's start with Milo...

Milo lives in New England with Jeff, Sue and canine brother, Chance. Milo loves to train and work, and especially enjoys obedience -- but thinks carting might be from the devil. Thank you to Jeff and Sue for being kind, gentle and respectful caregivers of Milo -- and I look forward to additional pictures of Milo today :)

Elliott lives in Oregon with Glenda and Greg and two canine siblings. Apparently Milo's draft genes went to Elliott because Glenda shares that Elliott LOVES draft, as evidenced by this lovely photo by our own Lisa K...

Glenda also reports that Elliott continues to be a wonderful Therapy Dog, and "...is well known around our town and loved by everyone.  In a few weeks he will begin therapy visits with hospice patients.  It will be a new and completely different type of experience."

Thank you to Glenda and Greg for using Elliott's special gifts for the good of the community -- and also to Lisa K for the pictures.

I will post pictures of the D Litter Birthday Dogs as I receive them -- but I also want to acknowledge and remember Fiona and Gracie. These two beloved and special girls are not here to celebrate their birthdays, and we extend hugs and express shared sorrow to their families. Yes, we celebrate that they lived and were loved -- but we grieve that they did not have the opportunity to live long lives.

Remembering -- with love -- Fiona and Gracie. In their honor we are going to start a Memorial Page on our website this summer so that they and other Kaibab dogs who have left are never forgotten. Happy Birthday Gracie and Fiona -- you are missed and loved.


The girls! Joy is a cancer survivor and living happily with Todd and Ashlee in California...

Marnie lives in Boulder, CO with Vieve who reports, "Marnie is still the sweetest person I know :-) No health issues so far. She is immense. Not fat, just broad. We are on a diet though:-)

And from Iowa City, Carol shares, "Happy Birthday to Brighton's living litter mates while we also remember all the wonderful stories Marti and Cindy shared over the years of their beloved Fiona and Gracie.  

Brighton and Fannie share life with Sharon and me in Iowa City.  Brighton continues to be a big personality girl who is not afraid to express her opinions, her needs and her joy.  She is always trying to train Sharon and convince Sharon that she SHOULD/MUST share whatever she is eating.  Sharon is easily trained. 

Brighton loves hanging out on the screen porch where she has a view of the neighborhood outside and her family inside.  She 'requests' reentry at least every half hour to check in with her humans for hugs and then back to her porch.  Brighton is more snuggly than ever and we just love her."

And we have this fun picture of Milo :)

And we end the birthday with a picture of Brighton that brought back her mom, Mrs. Maize, to me -- it is that Fun Police gene :)

Thank you to the D Litter families for sharing this day and their dogs with us. And Happy Ten Month Birthday to the iPups!!!


by Jennifer Z on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 09:24

Such handsome, sweet boys. Carol K posted something yesterday on Facebook that I thought was so important to remember, and these boys parents clearly do. She asked "...Are we doing what we both love together or only what I love?" Good to remember in our life with dogs. I love the idea of a memorial page, and I look forward to checking in there.

by Marianne AZ on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 12:23

Awe ... I love the photos. There is something in the boys eyes that makes my heart smile. Happy 8th Birthday D Litter.
Hugs to Fiona & Gracie's loved ones. (My girl turned 8 yrs in January, and I sometimes feel like I'm walking on egg shells.)

Great idea to have a memorial page.

by Tiffany Green on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 12:29

Happy Birthday beautiful D litter! Look at all the fun activities! And therapy/Hospice visits, too. So wonderful!

Sending hugs to the families of Gracie & Fiona.
I treasure the photo of Fiona with me & Marti at the Finish Line last year. Such a sweet girl. I know she's terribly missed.

To the rest of the litter- extra treats (insert: CAKE!!!) and belly scratches today!

PS Happy 10 month birthday to the iPups, too! ;)

by Cindy Heintzberger on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 18:55

Thank you for the kind wishes for the WHOLE D litter! I miss my Gracie girl every day!!

by Sue on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 19:20

While I am loving seeing the littermates on the blog today for their 8th birthday, it is bittersweet as I am missing Fiona and Gracie. They, and their families, are in my thoughts today.

Second, I just have to add that I laughed out loud about your comment for Milo and the carting. That is so true! I really do think Milo thinks carting might be from the devil. However, pretty much all other working activities rock for him, so still lots of ways for us to have fun training/working.

by Marti on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 21:04

I think of my FiFi every day. Today was difficult and as much as I tried thinking of her brought me tears. My dear friend Suz entered Fiona and Maverick in the veterans parade and so I have a lovely wine glass I will toast to her with tonight and a beautiful rosette that has her name and titles. I called her Fifi most of the time and it made people laugh. Fifi brings a mental image to most people that just isn't a big bossy berner girl. :) Drafting was not Fi's favorite activity but it was starting to become one. Something to do with the cheese, steak, or roasted chicken that came with every step she took in the cart. We just ran out of time before we were successful in having her fall in love with that activity. I do think that most activities can become a mutual loved activity if the people half of the team takes enough time to reward the dog for doing it. Susan Garrett (Canadian dog trainer and agility competitor) recently wrote a blog about her training journey with her dog Buzz. It's a great read and something everyone who trains a dog should read if they have a minute. Google Susan Garrett Dog agility and read the most recent entry. Happy Birthday D-Litter. Hug the dogs for Fiona, Gracie and our families.

by Barbz on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 23:04

Such wonderful pictures of the D dogs! It's great to see them looking happy and active at 8. The picture of Milo with his dumbbell made me snort tea all over the keyboard-what a character.
And to Grace and Fiona's families XOXOXO- words of sympathy are never enough but all I have to express my sorrow for the loss of your beloved babies.

by Brody on Sat, 04/26/2014 - 12:18

Many, many happy years to all the beautiful D litter dogs and their beautiful people. It is a blessing to be part of this family.

Nikko's 10 month present was the removal of his staples after emergency surgery April 15 to remove a bone he swallowed. He is doing great--had to work to keep him calm and occupied this past week. He is a resilient and strong boy. We start obedience classes Saturday, May 3 with the same trainer with whom we do tracking. We are looking forward to do this.

Happy 10 month birthday to the IPup families. They are all a joy.


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