A Recap of Saturday

It is a big challenge to take pictures and manage puppies, so how excellent to have Cassie here with her skills and camera. We had a lot of fun taking yesterday's photos, and are grateful to Dear Husband for stopping on his way home from Missoula to get those costumes. It went like this:

Him: Hi honey -- I am just leaving Missoula...

Me: OH! Could you please stop at WalMart and get two small dog costumes so we can take puppy pictures?

Him: Are you serious?

Me: Yes, it will be fun!

Him: Have you lost your mind?!

Me: Cassie REALLY wants to take pictures of puppies in costumes...

Yes, I threw Cassie right under the bus, knowing Dear Husband would never deny his favorite daughter-in-law!

Ten minutes later we get a phone call and it went like this:

Him: I am in the WalMart pet area and they do not have any costumes...

Me: Oh yes they do -- just ask someone where they are...

Him: Who do I ask?

Me: (sensing a marital tactic in play) Just ask any clerk and remember -- Cassie REALLY wants to take these pictures...

About twenty minutes later, we get another phone call:

Him: That was humiliating.

Me: Cassie will be so happy!

So as Jake sat grading papers (he is a grad student/teaching assistant at the University of Evil) and offering the occasional diatribe on poor writing (like I do not know this about student papers?!), Cassie and I happily arranged leaves, puppies, and cute hats on small heads. And in the process of doing all that with the pictures, the puppies had experience with the outdoors, new surfaces, strange sensations, and so on -- in other words, it was a way to provide some socialization-type opportunities for puppies.

In addition to being forced to endure all manners of cute photo opportunities, the puppies also had visitors yesterday. Of course we had Jake and Cassie -- here is Barcelona helping Jake keep his blood pressure low while he read run-on sentences, incorrect contractions, and all other manner of writing butchery...

I texted Aunt Heidi and told her that I had warm chocolate chip scones AND puppies -- that was apparently a better idea than housecleaning so she came right over...

And the puppies plus Jake/Cassie was a powerful lure and Galen came over as well...

But that is not all!!! Cassie's grandpa left southern California (smart man) years ago and moved to Hamilton, Montana. Since Cassie's family had not been close to this grandpa, we take every opportunity to include him in our family now that we live just 20 miles from him -- it has been a real joy to watch them get to know each other, and we have SO enjoyed hearing his stories about growing up in Southern California when it was still rural. We invited him over last night for dinner and puppies...

If we did not already know that Sydney has a perfect temperament, we would sure know it now. In spite of having puppies, Syd welcomes any and all with a wagging tail and complete happiness. That is a picture of her with Bob -- twice -- since Cassie's grandpa's name is also Bob! Cassie got some pictures of Bob the Taller with puppies but I missed that -- but yes, the cuddly puppies had five visitors yesterday and were handled by all of them.

Almost three years ago I took a picture of Jake and Cassie with all eight G Litter puppies the day after Jake and Cassie got engaged -- it is my version of the official engagement photo and hangs in my office. In that picture, Cassie was holding her favorite puppy from that litter -- Sydney. Fast forward and here they are again, holding Sydney's babies -- and yes, in this picture Cassie is holding her favorite puppy...

And that concludes my report from yesterday! We can now move on to Sunday, having completed Saturday! However, that will have to wait a bit as finishing Saturday was rather time intensive -- but I will tell you that today's activities includes a video!




by Patty on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 07:48

Hiya! As always, I love your blog and photos. It is a highlight to my day. Want to know WHICH ONE is Casse's favorite puppy!! ??? Did you not tell us on purpose?? :-)

by Lynn on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 08:32

And, Cassie is holding FOUR puppies. Does that mean she can't choose only one favorite from this litter?

by Terri Zimmerman on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 09:12

Okay....I know I am invested in these pups emotionally but honestly I have to say they are really pretty pups. Really pretty.

by cindy Heintzberger on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 09:38

What a fun day!!!! Wish I had been there... The social/emotional experiences that these puppies get at M/A's are unbelievable and wonderful - one of the BIG reasons for owning a Kaibab "well rounded" puppy!!!!!

by Marti Simons on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 10:29

Tell Jake that evidently education does not enable one to write a proper sentence. The woman who was protesting her proper score from our trial two weeks ago has a PhD. Evidently she never learned how to construct a proper sentence during her education. Sigh. Not only did she fail in sportsmanship and ethics she also failed in English. It would not have been so egregious if she did not sign every email with her PhD. Oh and it is not impressive to use a complex vocabulary if you are not sure of the spelling or meaning of the word. . . . .

Love the photos, and the picture of Karma made me spit my coffee! I'd be careful, she may be plotting revenge. :)

by Barb on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 12:27

I can't believe how fast 3 years can go... It is almost G litter birthday.. Cassie and Jake are such a beautiful couple. LOve the picture of them holding all the puppies. Is Cassie holding all the girls?

by Lynn on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 15:35

And, Cassie is holding FOUR puppies. Does that mean she can't choose only one favorite from this litter?

by Cass on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 11:55

I love the recap! And I will take full responsibility for Kim's embarrassment at Walmart! It was so fun to be with you this last weekend and I am so glad Galen came by! Heidi was hilarious and it was fun to meet her! Thanks again!

by Cass on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 11:56

Also, which ever one Jake is holding in the picture is probably the one you should keep!

by pbegtpv on Sun, 12/02/2012 - 02:00

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