SIX WEEKS OLD!! (Day 42)

Today is Sydney's third birthday -- Happy Birthday to her and also to her seven siblings. One of them, Mika, already had her party -- here is a picture that tells you about the fun she had -- and the fun she is going to have soon!

Baby Heintzberger will be making his appearance in about three weeks (not soon enough for Kristine, I am sure!). So Cindy and her own long-suffering Dear Husband will be getting a new grandson and a new Kaibab puppy at the same time -- we will expect lots of pictures of those two growing up together :)

The puppy, however, will arrive at her Heintzberger home already sleeping through the night! Yep -- they did it again last night, and I slept almost seven hours in a row, which makes a surprising difference in one's attitude (as does caffeine -- just saying...).

The plumpies sleep in a pen that is about 1.5 x-pens in size. It is covered with vinyl flooring and then the usual fleece/towel/newspaper combination. When it is play time I open it up and they have the dining area to run amuck -- and they are very good at that, as Heidi noted in yesterday's comments. I *always* supervise play time both to make sure they are okay but also to provide helpful suggestions about the potty corral.

This morning I put out spoons for them to play with -- and puppy play always involves chewing :) Here is Pippi...

And London -- I love how they contemplate new things, as if trying to figure out exactly what to think about whatever it is...

And here is a picture of Pippi and London together, no doubt planning some kind of attack on the boys...

Heidi's head looks more and more like her Uncle Cooper to me, which is a beautiful "Jed Head" (Jed is Cooper and Syd's dad)...

Squeaker has the same head...

Z was sleeping soundly when London implemented the plan she and Pippi had concocted and pounced on him...

Carlos/Ute got very brave and came to investigate -- he is in the actual puppy pen that had been cleaned and was open during play time. He was making a quick directional change as he was being stalked...

Carlos was not the only cat who visited -- Karma also stopped by. Interestingly, she also has some "fence fighting" behavior and was swatting at plumpies through the x-pen and the gate; for this she got her nails trimmed!

A Plumpie Posse in action -- tails up and mischief afoot -- this is London and Barcelona plotting something...

Watching plumpies frequently causes me to think, "monkey see, monkey do". If one puppy stops to drinks, others decide they were quite thirsty. If one plays with a lid, a few others decide that the lid is truly the most fascinating thing ever -- and so on. Thank goodness they share, as demonstrated by Barcelona and Squeaker...

We end the morning pictures with a plumpie tangle...

Six week collage later today -- I am waiting for it to get light so we can get exceptionally good pictures (I hope)... Have a fantastic day :)

1:30 pm

Three things -- first, I have permission to share this post from the Berner-l and I do so because it is a somber reminder to all of us:

"Many many years ago, before I knew any better, I became the owner of a 4 month puppy.  I was the 4th owner.  I lived on a corner property without a fence.  The township would not let me have a fence.  I took the puppy out to potty and she went.  Inside we went and she peed again on the rug.  I was mad.  I picked her up, told her she was bad and put her in my back yard.  Stupid me, she saw the teenagers across the street , she was black and it was 11 pm.  Before I could register off she went.... Everything went into slow motion as I watched the truck turn the corner, heard the horrifying screams of a puppy.  I heard my screams as I collapsed on the street beside her.  It was over slow moving in my mind.   will never forget the sight, too graphic, and the guilt, pain and tears I still feel as if this happened today instead of years ago.  I now always leash. And crate.  Don't learn the hard way, it isn't worth it.    I will never forget I killed this puppy!!!  And my last words...bad girl.  I no longer care about pottying in the house, it can be cleaned.  I beg people, leash, crate, get rid of invisible fences, their lives are more important.  It only takes 1 second of stupidity!!"


Second, this will be the last post today as I am getting sick so need to just slow this train down a bit, so to speak.

Third, thank you so much to Terri for this excellent collage -- she can tell you that they were all sitting nicely but we decided to focus on heads this week -- and remember to click on it to enlarge...

Have a good rest of today!




by Lisa K on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 07:47

To my sweet Syd and all the sibs! YAY! Cake for everyone! Glad you got some rest M-A!

by Lois on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 08:50

I cannot get over how much the plumpies have grown in just over a week. the videos were all wonderful. There is nothing better than Berners in the snow - except plumpie Berners in their first snow! And Alex - what a wonderful gift a plumpie will be to him and he to the lucky plumpie.
7 hours you must be feeling like an almost new person! What good plumpies - not without great credit to you and DH and the wonderful experience and environment you have provided them since their first birthday!

by cindy Heintzberger on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 09:15

Yes - we had a wonderful birthday brunch for Mika and she smiled all the way through...
I am so excited that the puppies are sleeping through the night (what could be better than potty trained AND sleeping through the night) These are very VALUABLE plumpies :)
Our Gracie from the D litter was raised at the same time as my first grandson and it was sooo much fun so we are really looking forward to this duo!

so glad that M/A got some rest!!!

by Toby on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 12:55

Sleeping through the night! Yay! It almost looks as if London sees herself in the spoon! And I can't believe how much Squeaker and Heidi look alike! I find myself checking the computer constantly now for blog updates! So excited when they are there!

by Mj on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 13:34

Happy birthday to the G-Litter!
I'm very curious to which plumpie Alex is getting!
Suspense is killing me! You said most of the placements have been made so I'm wondering.. do you have any idea to which puppy you might keep?

by Toby on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 21:04

So much cuteness before I head off to bed....surely I will have sweet dreams :) Lovin' that Squeaker boy's face!

by Lori Simidian on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 21:05

A very happy birthday to the new mommy, Sydney. It seems like yesterday I was checking for blog updates about you and your litter mates. And happy six week birthday to all the plumpies. I see a painful withdrawal looming about 2 weeks from now......

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