Good Heavens!

Where to even begin!? Still in the hospital with Dear Husband. The clot in his leg is large and is probably not new -- I can stop feeling guilty for dragging him off on one of my crazy car adventures. His lungs have many, many bilateral peripheral pulmonary emboli so basically he is one big clot at the moment :(

On a happier note, he is started on blood thinners and hopefully all will be well. He is doing Lovenox injections and also on the Indian Spice stuff that Barb mentioned. We are hoping he will be discharged tomorrow. Scary, scary stuff.

And back at home, Maize is not doing well. I went home to assess things - Galen has been there with the dogs and is freaking out, as you can imagine. I cannot say enough good things about our vet -- seriously. So we stopped Maize's Rimadyl so we could switch her to prednisone - we were able to start it today. I gave her Tramadol when I was home and also put on a fentanyl patch. She ate for me, and drank some water.

This is the hard news -- the pred needs to make her feel better and shrink some nodes in her neck or we have reached the end of the road :(  Please think shrinkage.

Dear Daughter is on her way to Montana right now to take over for Galen so I can stay here with Dear Husband -- it is too much to ask Galen to stay alone with the dog he loves so much in her current condition.

Also heading up to Montana are Jake and Cassie so we will soon have lots of good support during this rather shocking and difficult time.

It is my day to report on Harper Barcelona -- LOVE HER. Easy, sweet puppy. Housetraining is going great, she gets along with everyone, and she is just a perfectly good and nice puppy -- no drama, no issues, nothing over the top. I thought when I got home from California (Sunday) and finished my grades (Tuesday) that I could get busy on her formal training but instead I have been otherwise engaged -- but she has an awesome recall and seems to know her name already :) I even took some pictures when I went home this afternoon, downloaded them and brought my laptop so I could update -- I would not want to miss my update day! Here is the little cutie-pie...

And here she is with her great-grandma....

Mrs. Maize is in an x-pen in the living room on her special bed, still part of things but protected from the other dogs as she is not stable on her feet and is easily knocked over. Galen just reported that she is sleeping well so that is good news.

So hopefully the pred will buy Maize some more time, Dear Husband will be less clotted soon, and life will stop all these crazy twists and turns!!!


by cindy Heintzberger on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 20:37

I can smile with tears in my eyes....
it is such a blessing to see Happy Harper and so good/sad to see Mrs.Maize - i am so glad that she has all of you to care for her, to rallly around and keep her free from pain - she is one of a kind and deserves life's best!!!

Sending special thoughts to all of you right now!!!!

Cindy, Vic, and Family

by Elizabethanne on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 22:05

So beautifully said.

by Barb on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 20:37

Thank you for the update. I'm glad Kim is doing ok. What a great family you have!! Rallying around you to help out. That is the best Christmas present. Prayers for Maize and Kim.

by Jennifer G. on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 21:07

for Kim and for Maize. I hope they are both able to sleep well tonight and that Kim gets to come home tomorrow. And good thoughts to the rest of the family...

by Lori Simidian on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 21:08

Wow, Mary-Ann, you must feel like you need a clone of yourself. I'm hoping that Kim will be able to go home tomorrow so that you can all be together. I pray that the prednisone is the magic bullet that will buy some more time for Maize. I will continue to pray for everyone to feel better.

by john heintzberger on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 21:24

you are all in our thoughts and prayers this holiday week!

by Marianne on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 22:46

A big hug for you Mary-Ann. I have tears and a heavy heart for everything you are dealing with this season.
As eager as everyone seems to be to get Kim home...I always like to keep the person in the safest place when they are dealing with such serious stuff. My question is "how/when" will they know Kim's clots have disappeared and/or are now harmless? Just thinking/writing out-loud....
Maize is beautiful...I love her.. I am so looking forward to watching Harper ~ she is a Doll Baby.
I will pray for Kim's health and wisdom and comfort for you Mary-Ann. What a blessing you have with your children.

Take care and God Bless ~

by Lois on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 22:57

Sending thoughts for healing with grace for all involved whatever their journey is. I am so very glad I got to spend time with Mrs Maize. She is a special lady and is teaching all with her personal grace and dignity. I agree with Marianne about Kim and wishing him the best. Please be kind to yourself too MA.
Harper is a doll baby for sure. What a combination you two will be.
Auggie says hello and that he wishes he had his sibs around right now to chew on.

by Ruth on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 23:15

Mary-Ann, Kim and Family,
I will be praying for you all to have peace such as you have never known at this time. So much hard stuff, worry and cares. I am one you would probably not know if you saw me in front of your house but I feel like I know you thru the way you allow us (me) into your life thru your writing. I care for you and pray for God's Peace, Grace and Mercy to you ALL!

by Maddie's Mommy on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 23:50

While Kim's diagnosis of thrombosis is scary, the best news is that he's in the hospital where such a diagnosis could be made and a course of treatment started. I'm sure you have plenty of medical support there--not to mention your own experience in the field! So I hope I'm not intruding if I suggest that DH may need to have Christmas brought to him, and not the other way 'round. I think it takes some time for the coumadin to take effect, and a slightly longer time to get the dosage adjusted just right, and while this is happening the best thing is Lovenox, which is usually administered by injection. That said--it's better to let a non-family RN do it! Also, at the hospital they probably have Alternating Leg Pressure (ALP) devices, which they typically don't allow for home use. And if they have to initiate 'clot-busting' therapy on short notice, he's in the right place.
My suggestion for DH's Christmas present is an inexpensive iPod, loaded with audio books from the library...
I'm so glad that DD will be there to stay with Galen and Maize. Please know that we are all thinking of you all, and wishing you all the best.

by Toby E. on Sat, 12/24/2011 - 06:34

Not fair to have so much thrown at you when these next few weeks should have been for you to exhale, regroup and enjoy a less chaotic holiday break. I so wish I was closer and could provide some help in any small way, even just sitting with Maize, watching her lymph nodes shrink. I'll be thinking of all of you and your entire family and hoping for a speedy recovery for Kim and a bounce for Maize.
Holden says high to Harper, he misses her :) Hugs

by sandy H. on Sat, 12/24/2011 - 07:55

I had tears in my eyes reading your blog this morning. I am thinking of you and your family and pray all is well shortly.

by Ellen in Missoula on Sat, 12/24/2011 - 09:04

You are in my thoughts, M-A and Kim and Galen and Dear Daughter... especially Kim and Mrs. Maize.

by jill on Wed, 12/28/2011 - 10:29

Dear Mary-Ann,
We are keeping you, Dear Husband, Maize and your entire family in our thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry to hear about Maize and your husband. Wishing you the strength you'll need to weather this storm. Regards, Jill

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