Dewey Promotes Peace and Expands Community

Dewey was one of the puppies that traveled to Salt Lake City with me. We met Tony and Kay/Sue there so they could have easy flights home with their new puppies -- Missoula is not the most convenient airport, and especially in the winter. This is a photo Tony sent along from the Puppy Party in Utah...

Look at those cute, attentive babies!

Tony and Brody send along this most wonderful report about Dewey's new name and new life in California....

This is the story of Zelimir Dewey, aka Ze.D (pronounced ZED), aka Nikko's nephew.  

First, a little background on the name Zelimir.  We wanted the name to start with "Ze" because our first berner was named Zephyr.  There were a few common names with Ze but Zelimir stands out because of what it means in Slavic -- To desire peace. When we talked to Nikko's godmother Toby (who now has a new god puppy), she suggested the AKC name Kaibab's Just Seeking Peace, which we think is rather appropriate on different levels.  We also wanted to keep Dewey as part of his name after we found out the reason behind the name.  Dewey wasn't just a mountain in Montana, but it was also in honor of Carol Dewey, who owned Brighton from the D litter.  

Here's a funny side story about Tony's flight to Utah to pick up Ze.D.  The plane was full of teenage girls.  Not a good sign!  Luckily, I sat next some adults and upon exchanging some casual conversations, I found out that the kids were going to the 2017 volleyball NIT.  I told them I was going to SLC to pick up a puppy and they asked if I had thought of a name.  So I said "Zed", but went on to offer the story behind the name as well.  Upon noticing that they had the website on their phone,  I asked them to look up Carol Dewey.  After reading her bio on the site, I told them that's where the Dewey part of the name came from.

As this is such a long name for a dog to respond to, we decided to shorten it to Zed, stylized as "Ze.D".  

Ze.D has proven to be very smart.  He responds to his name when called, as well as to the sit command.  We are current working on the down command.  While his uncle Nikko initially refused to have anything to do with him, he is warming up to him a little bit and our other dog Rosie has become somewhat of a mother figure.  She loves to groom him and play with him all the time.  She's also very patient with him considering his shark teeth and she doesn't mind that he uses her body as his pillow!

Ze.D loves to eat, and he always comes prepared with every meal.  

Here's Ze.D extending an olive branch...



by Erin on Mon, 02/27/2017 - 11:32

It's so fun seeing the puppies in their new homes! I love the story behind Ze.D's name :)

by Tina on Mon, 02/27/2017 - 11:58

He is adorable! I love how much Rosie has taken to him and is being such a lovely girl with him! <3

by Ca Heidi :-) on Mon, 02/27/2017 - 13:05

Ze.D is the perfect puppy -- smart, funny, energetic, curious ... the whole package. He's a delight to be with, and a lovely additon to Nikko and Rosie.

~ H

by Lori S. on Mon, 02/27/2017 - 16:53

is written all over Nikko's face. I've been seeing that same look on his twin brother's face.
Great evolution of Ze.D' s name.

by Toby E on Tue, 02/28/2017 - 06:28

I love my new God puppy and hope to meet him someday!!!!

by Jennifer Z on Wed, 03/01/2017 - 12:37

I love the thought that went into Ze.D's name. And I just have to repeat something about Rosie that a dear friend said to me, after I posted a photo of my rescued Frida sleeping on the sofa, tucked in under a blanket. "Now, _that_ is a dog who has been rescued." Such a lovely family. <3

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